Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend in Review | Hobbies and Netflix

Ugh, Monday already?! How you come so fast, right? But hey, only 3.5 days of work this week for this gal over here! Memorial Day weekend, here I come :)

Sorry, I didn't get many pictures from this weekend!


Twas a dreary week here in MN. I  had a Dr. appointment at 10:30 am so I tried to sleep as much as I could since I was fasting. This girl wakes up HUNGRY all the time so the less time I could feel my stomach growling, the better. Appointment went well and then I headed over to the lab to get my blood drawn. Little did I know I would run into a friend back there! Back in October, we (plus another friend) ran the Twin Cities 10 miler together. She saw me and said she wouldn't draw my blood but would talk with me while her coworker did it. Good thing too because for some reason she could not stick my vein. I don't have a problem with needles but once you start digging in my arm for vein (and I am ungodly hungry), a person starts to sweat a little bit. She finally got it and within 10 minutes I was out of there. Once I got home I ate some lunch, watched the new episode of The Handmaid's Tale, picked up some dog turds and mowed the yard. PS - self propelling lawnmowers are THE.BEST. First time getting in 10,000 steps with my new Fitbit. After a quick shower, we headed to a friend's house to eat some dinner. They made homemade carnitas, guacamole, coleslaw and southwest ranch sauce. He also fried up some shells. It was awesome food! Then we just hung around a bit and had some cocktails.


100% me in that photo above :) Both Bill and I were pretty lazy on Saturday morning. We watched some episodes of The Challenge and then decided to get out of the house. We headed to the VFW right by our house for a couple of drinks and then to a newer place about 15 minutes away for dinner. I got the fajitas but I don't think I would get them again. They were pretty pricey and I don't think they were worth it. Next time I will definitely go with something else and save my fajitas for our favorite Mexican restaurant.


Bill headed off early to go fishing with his dad and I stayed home with the animals. I should have meal prepped and gone to the grocery store buuuut I didn't. I got sucked into the second season of Sense8. Have you seen it? It is such a crazy show! It's on Netflix, FYI. After a bit, I headed over to Bill's parents to have some dinner. They actually caught some fish so we were able to fry those up!

I really wanted to get my garden going this weekend but with the rain, we just couldn't make it happen. I am hoping that the weekend after Memorial Day we can get it done! Hope your weekend was great! This holiday weekend we are heading up to Fargo to spend some time with my family at their lake place. We are excited to get away for just a little bit and enjoy the lake!

Be sure to check out Our Day at Busch Gardens!

Questions for you:

Any new shows catch your interest lately?

Big plans for the holiday weekend?

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Our Day at Busch Gardens

*Caution: Picture Heavy Post!

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to be able to head down to Florida to surprise a good friend for his 30th birthday. While we were there we decided to spend a day at Busch Gardens, an african themed theme park, in Tampa.

                                    Image result for busch gardens

We had been once before but were only there for a couple of hours and wanted to spend some more time there this time. Our two friends were having some trouble getting their passes so the park gave them food and drink passes. It actually worked out really well and we all said that it would definitely be worth it for anyone going in the future! Its called the Play and Dine. We were able to get multiple things to drink, snacks and shared some bigger entrees from different restaurants throughout the park.

Okay, enough talking and onto the pictures!

Overall it was a good day and although I destroyed my fitbit, Amanda's fitbit said we got about 12,000 steps. So I'd say that was a win-win!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Currently: May 2017

I have seen these posts on quite a few blogs but realized I have never done why not do one now!

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Currently I'm...


I started reading The 5 Love Languages. I have heard quite a few people talking about this book and thought I would give it a read. I have only read about 5 pages but so far it seems interesting and I am always up for books on how to improve or cultivate relationships!

Image result for love languages


I pulled the trigger and have started listening to Spotify. There is so much music on there! Right now though, my two favorite songs are Hurricane by Luke Combs and Dirt on my Boots by Jon Pardi. Both are my JAM right now and anytime I hear them on the radio, I crank it up!


Okay right now I have two big ones that have consumed my life time. 

First one is The Handmaid's Tale. 

             Image result for handmaid's tale

I am not going to lie. This show is just crazy. There is a lot of nudity/language though, so if you are not a fan of this you may not like it. It is based off of the book written by Margaret Atwood in 1985. I don't think I could really explain what it is about so here is what Amazon says:

In a startling departure from her previous novels ( Lady Oracle , Surfacing ), respected Canadian poet and novelist Atwood presents here a fable of the near future. In the Republic of Gilead, formerly the United States, far-right Schlafly/Falwell-type ideals have been carried to extremes in the monotheocratic government. The resulting society is a feminist's nightmare: women are strictly controlled, unable to have jobs or money and assigned to various classes: the chaste, childless Wives; the housekeeping Marthas; and the reproductive Handmaids, who turn their offspring over to the "morally fit" Wives. The tale is told by Offred (read: "of Fred"), a Handmaid who recalls the past and tells how the chilling society came to be. This powerful, memorable novel is highly recommended for most libraries. BOMC featured alternate. Ann H. Fisher, Radford P.L., Va.

It definitely takes you out of your own mind for a little bit. The series is available on Hulu and right now there are 5 episodes available. They come out on Wednesday's so I'm excited to see yesterday's episode!

The other show that Bill and I have been watching is MTV's The Challenge. If you have never heard of The Challenge...where have you been?! I think they just started their 30th season so if you want to watch all of them, good luck!  I would have to say it is a mixture between Survivor and Big Brother. A little bit of challenges that would scare the sh*t out of me mixed with a lot of drama. We downloaded the app on our Roku and have been watching all kinds of seasons. I think so far we have watched Battle of the Exes II, Invasion, half of Rivals III, half of Rivals I, and now we are a couple of episode into Battle of the Bloodlines.Guilty pleasure for sure!


Last fall Mya chewed up my favorite pair of sandals. I didn't have them for very long before she decided one day they would be a good snack. Luckily I got them on sale at Target and this year they brought them back!


They are super easy to slip on and off and I haven't gotten any blisters...yet. Preeeety sure they are going to be my staple summer sandal!


I haven't really been into eating the same things over and over again. But I have started making some breakfast egg muffins again. They really make eating a good breakfast easier and don't actually take that long to make on Sunday. 

These are super customizable and this time I used some leftover turkey breakfast sausage, peppers, whole eggs, egg whites toppled off with a little cheese. For breakfast I usually have a piece of toast with some raspberry preserves, 2 muffins and half of an avocado. It usually keeps me full right up until lunch. 


I have really been enjoying moscow mules lately. I know, I know I am late on the bandwagon. But I'm on it now! We don't have any copper mugs but I think they taste just fine in a regular glass as well. 


These two. <3

They are both enjoying the outside weather and....EACH OTHER?  We have caught them a couple of time sitting very close/right next to each other. I think they secretly really like each other but get tired of acting like they hate each other. 

Looking forward to...

This weekend. We don't have a whole lot planned but I would really like to get started on my garden. I know that we are dwindling down from the best times to this weekend would be great...if the rain could just stop for a second. Also looking forward to next weekend. It is Memorial Day and we are headed up to ND to go to my parent's lake place. Fingers crossed the weather is nice and doesn't blow us away!!

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope you have a great day! Check back tomorrow for a look into Our Day at Busch Gardens!

Questions of the day:

Is is raining where you are?

Any garden planting in your future?

What are you currently into?

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

Phew, what a week! Is it bad that we just got back from vacation and I am already ready for the weekend?? I haven't done a Thoughts for Thursday post in a couple of weeks so I thought I would do a little recap of the last week!

1. Surprise! I can't believe we are back from vacation in Florida already! I plan on doing a recap of our Busch Gardens day separately but will talk about the other parts of the trip today! We dropped Mya off with Bill's parents and headed down to a friends house. He was also going to be flying on the same flight so we parked at his house and grabbed an Uber to the airport. We flew down to Tampa from Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon.

The reason for going down to Florida (besides a warm get away) was a surprise 30th birthday party for a close friend of ours, Mike. His birthday was on Cinco de Mayo so we just knew we had to celebrate! His wife arranged for some family and friends to show up and surprise him. It is safe to say that he had no idea that anyone was coming down. He was just planning a small get together with his neighbors...psych! His wife, Amanda, had a whole theme down with decorations and everything. Once we got there, we headed out for some dinner and drinks at Wing Zone. After a bit, Amanda and I headed to bed as I was tagging along to her morning gym session. The place is called Legion Transformations. There is only a couple of these gyms across the country. The trainer kicked our a**. It was leg day and we absolutely destroyed them. I don't know if I have ever been that sore before. And it was like a deep, down to the core sore. Oofta! It was fun though! I am so glad I went! After the workout, Amanda and I headed home to get ready for the actual party!

They even had a pinata full of little alcohol shooters. 

Homemade photo booth

Me and the birthday boy!

Saturday was more of a relaxing day. We headed out to a small beachish area and just hung out before grabbing some dinner.

Everyone was pretty exhausted from the day before so we didn't get too crazy. Sunday we headed to a different beach. We decided on Saint Anna Maria island just about an hour away from Mike and Amanda's house. The weather was perfect and the sand was awesome!

Sunday night we got back from the beach and headed out for some dinner. We hit up a southern style restraunt where if you wanted fresh fish, you could get it but if you wanted some jerk chicken you could get that as well! It was sooo good! I got jerk chicken and Bill got the ribs. Both were delicious!

Monday Amanda and I headed to they gym once again. The workout wasn't even close as hard as the workout we had before. BUT it was a workout so that is what mattered! I'm pretty sure that is the most I have ever worked out on vacation and it felt awesome! After the gym we headed to Busch Gardens...which I will talk about in another post. It was a lot of fun though!

Tuesday we traveled by to MN. We headed straight to Bill's parents to pick up Mya. Bill's mom was also kind enough to pick us up some food to heat up when we got home as she knew we had a long day of traveling. Thanks Dawn!

Yesterday was back to work (silent sobbing) and back to reality. We hit up the grocery store to stock up and prepare a little for the week. Today I am working and tomorrow Ill be coming in for a couple of hours too. Since my desk was covered at work, I don't have a lot to catch up on which is really nice.

2. Geeze Ashley, long talk much! :)
While in Florida, my fitbit decided I was too rough on it and took a turn for the worst. It has been a little glitchy the last 6 months but I just went with it. Right now I am feeling a little naked on my left wrist. I am also lost without the clock. Not all rooms have a clock at my work and I don't always have a phone with me #firstworldproblems. Sooo really I am thinking of upgrading. I talked with Amanda while in FL and she really  likes her fitbit blaze. And there is a good sale right now through mothers day. I am just trying to decide if that is what I want to do! Any suggestions you can think of, shoot them my way!

3. Tuesday we had some intense cuddles sessions with the animals. It is safe to say they missed us!

4. I brought two books with me to FL and ended up not even starting one of them! Gah! Bill and I are still on a MTV The Challenge kick so that pretty much took up our travel time. I need to get back into reading! I miss it!

5. I can't wait to plant our garden. Our friends in FL have an impressive garden so it makes me excited to get going on ours. Hopefully this weekend! I am thinking of doing some tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers and maybe zucchini. Not 110% yet but I do love all of those veggies!

Questions for you:

Any recommendations on a new book?

Any fitness tracker recommendations? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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