Tuesday, September 23, 2014


So I'm sure you came back today just to see what that picture of yesterday's post was all about. Well I'm going to tell you right meow.

Well lets go back to the last Semi-Annual Sale that Victoria's Secret had (its okay, we've all been there and maybe spent too much money). As I was browsing the bra section and came across a yellow sports bra (the bottom one in the picture). It was on sale and I thought hey, this is a good deal and its exactly what I like in a sports bra! Well $38ish dollars later, I had a new sports bra.

Now come back to me people! Now just a couple of weeks ago, I went to TJ Maxx and browsed the workout gear (like I usually do). Low and behold I came across a pink sports bra (top bra in the picture) that looked very familiar.

Now back to Sunday (keep up, I know you can do it).

Here's the picture again

As I was getting ready to head to the gym on Sunday, I pulled out a couple of different sports bras...or so I thought. Both of them have padding and have pretty good support. The both have a pretty good wicking material. Wait I know they are different brands, so whats the difference you ask?

There really isnt a HUGE difference...except the price tag!! Before I tell you the price I will tell you a little bit about each one that sets them apart from each other. The Victoria's Secret sports bra (yellow) has metal strap adjusters and a little thicker of a fabric where as the New Balance (TJ Maxx) one has plastic strap adjusters and a little thinner fabric. But they both have the same line pattern on the bottom of the bra, they have the same strap system and layout and they feel exactly the same!

So now to the price tag:
Victorias Secret: $38.00 (on sale)
New Balance (TJ Maxx): $14.99

Whhhaaattt?? Thats a huge difference! Now I know that not all TJ Maxx places carry the same items and that every store is different but I am for sure going to be picking some more of the New Balance ones up since they are cheaper and provide the same exact purpose.

Just thought I'd share this little insight and maybe save you ladies some money!

Until tomorrow.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Motivational Monday #4

So here goes nothing to a brand new week! As many changes are happening in mine and Bill's life (changes to be announced soon :)), it is very hard to take some time and really thing about life. This last weekend I was fortunate enough to have a 3 day weekend (extra day off for being great at work...woohoo!). It really gave me time to sit around and think about life and the amazing things that come our way.


As I was Pinteresting (being engaged = LOTS of Pinterest!) I found this quote. I found Bill and I actually saying a version of #2 this weekend. Our version: The worst they can say is no.

The three rules above are very true. There are many times in life that we get caught up with everything else that we never take time to actually think about where we are going and where we actually want to go. When you are sitting around thinking or trying to decided something, really think of these rules. If you are uncomfortable in your current situation (like I am with my weight gain), look at #3. I thought about #3 this weekend as I was thinking of new & healthy recipes to make and when I was trying to decide which workouts to do. I know that this last weekend was kinda of a fire-up (attitude adjustment) weekend for the next couple of weeks-and for life really.

As I mentioned in the last Motivational Monday, I entered a DietBet with a couple of friends. Even though I have lost over 2 lbs, I am hungry for more! And not only is the weight loss great, I/we can earn some money by completing the goal. So with that said, lets get at it ladies :)--you know who you are!

So this week, just take some time for yourself and really thing about who you are and where you want to go in life. Life can change at any moment, take charge!

Also: Want to know that the below picture is about? Tune in tomorrow!!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Motivational Monday #3

Holy moly is this a new blog post…you betcha!

So I know I have been gone for some time but its been a crazy last couple of months. The month of July was one of the toughest/worst months I think I have ever had. Then august rolled around and I was very happy about that because two major things happened that month. It was my birthday and I GOT ENGAGED! I still cant believe it at times but the ring has stopped feeling weird on my finger…so we’re getting somewhere. No wedding details have been set yet as Bill and I are working on some other decisions at the moment. But don’t fret, we’ll get going once we can!

So even though Monday is coming to a close, I still wanted to get Motivational Monday out there. So because the last couple of months have been such a whirl-wind I have put on quite a few pounds. And I am not comfortable with myself anymore and how NONE of my clothes fit anymore—there I said it! AAhhh I just feels good to put that out there!!

But with that being said I really didn’t have any motivation to get going so I decided to find some! As I was searching on Bloglovin (a website that puts a whole bunch of blog on one site and you can follow who you want. Then you can look at people’s blog posts as they are updated all at once instead of going to each blog) and came across one of the blogs I follow: http://www.mamalaughlin.com/ and she was doing a Diet Bet.

Blog I saw the challenge on

Now I had no idea what this was until I clicked on it. To get the basics out there you submit a certain amount of money to a pot and commit to losing 4% of your body weight in a month. Then if you “win” (lose 4% of your body weight) you split the pot with the other winners of the bet. They have a verification system as well to make sure that people are who they really are and they aren’t cheating.

Sceenshot of the DietBet website

So long story longer, I decided that this was the challenge that I needed. I mean I put money into it and now I had a good goal to achieve. Because this motivated me, I challenged two of my good friends, Amy and Leah, to do it as well—AND they agreed! EEkk so this is going to be even more motivation to stay on track with each other! So it starts tomorrow and I submitted my weigh in this morning.

I cant wait to take this challenge with the girls and myself. Check back in every week to see my progress!!