Monday, November 24, 2014

Motivational Monday #9

Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone!

Is anyone else as excited as me for a 3 day week? My company is awesome and gives us Thanksgiving and the Day After off :) Although I really don't join in on Black Friday shopping, I enjoy having the day off to spend with friends and family! As this week arrived, it made me think back to last year when I actually thought about getting into blogging to be more thankful and to remind myself to not take things for granted. Although my blogging didn't really officially start until April, the thoughts were a-brewing in November! It also got me thinking about what I really wanted to blog about and Motivational Monday was one of the first things I thought of. How often do we start the week thinking "ugh Monday again"? It also made me realize that thinking about things that motivate me, made me happy. It gave me things to really think about during the week when I was struggling.

As the holiday season approaches us, it is a time happiness and joy. It is also filled with parties, presents and money spending. As the times get more hectic and the time seems to pass faster than ever before, think of you. At the end of the day, you spend more time with yourself than any other person. So why be anything but happy? 

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Motivational Monday #8

As I sat around last night watching football and hanging with my boys (Bill and Bruce :)), I kept thinking about what today's post was going to be about. There are so many messages that I see and think oh maybe that one, but then I think about it more and they just don't seem to fit into my life at that very moment. That was true, until a commercial about dreams. I'm sure you've seen the commercial at some point in time. It is an American Family Insurance commercial featuring Russell Wilson. At the end of the commercial is where I heard something stand out to me.

This made me realize, I haven't really thought about my dreams in quite some time. What are my aspirations in life? What do I want to accomplish? What do I want me legacy to be?

Honestly I don't have the answer to any of those questions right now, but damnit I'm thinking about it now! So lovelies, when was the last time actually thought about your dreams and aspirations and accomplishments??

Also if you don't know about the website Bloglovin you should check it out and follow me on there :)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whisker Wednesday #4

Oofta it has been quite a long time since I have done a Whisker Wednesday but do not fear. It is here! So the last Whisker Wednesday post was about toilet training and what not. Well that has been over for quite some time. After realizing that Bruce was not going to the bathroom in the bathroom anymore but other places (his cardboard kennel and pillow bed), we decided it was time to bring the litter and litter box back. But I did find a good litter that doesn't have any dust and holds up very well, so there's that!

So an update on the little fella: Hes been doing good with the whole move thing. He absolutely loves playing in the snow so next time he goes outside I'll definitely be taking pictures to share with you guys! After we arrived in our new place, Bruce was introduced to stairs (since we now have two floors in our place)...and he LOVES to dart up and down them <-- which is good since he was getting on the fluffier side of the scale ;) I have also invested in a couple of cat trees. There is one that we have in the kitchen and since our patio door is right there over looking a field...he loves sitting there! Who knows what creatures he can see?!

There is one thing that he has started doing that he was not doing before. He is attacking us. Before he would just do it when you pick on him but now its a guessing game. and before it wasn't a hurtful thing it was more of a leave me alone thing. Now he full on leaps for your arm and sinks his claws and teeth in all the while rabbit kicking the heck out of you! If you are not quite sure what I am talking is a perfect representation what what Bruce does. Now he sometimes does it while you pet him but usually its out of nowhere. And then he sits there with him mouth open and his ears back...evil. Sometimes I think he is pure evil. We are working on it because hes our baby kitty!

Other than that hes a good little fella. Here is a couple of pictures of him...Until next time!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Motivational Monday #7

As the snow falls and the wind blows here in MN, I cant help but look back at last year in Colorado. The weather was awesome and if we got snow, it was gone in a couple of days. Even though I miss that weather, nothing -ABSOLUTELY NOTHING- beats being back near family and friends. That feeling when you know that you can call someone at anytime and more than likely see them that same day? Priceless. 

The reason I mention this is because when Bill and I decided to move back home (ish), we really did not regret the decision we made to move down there. It was better to say "I'm glad we did it" than "What if we would have done it". And in all actuality, it made us closer. With it just being us two (and Bruce of course) and some roller coaster moments, we learned to lean on each other just a little bit more. 

Now this quote does not have to do with the last year, it has to do with a person's whole life. Everyone makes decisions all the time. There is no way around it. I am a firm believer that everyone comes from a different place and everyone makes decisions for a certain reason that makes them who they are. So even if they weren't the best decisions or you look back and think that you could have made a better one, just think. If you would have made the other decision, would you be who you are today or on the road to where you're heading today? <--- food for thought

PS: My motivation is also Mexico. We are planning and booked a friend-cation with some of our closest friends and we are already only 67 days away....AHHHHH!!! #operationdefluff is underway and now that we have about 10 inches of snow, the warmth and sun sound even more amazing! Eeek and that is all folks.

Have a fan-tab-ulous week! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Motivational Monday #6

Life is simple. It's such an easy expression to say, but to live by it--way harder. Yes there are many times where things get tough and yes there are times where you are going to want to give up. Think about it though. If you are doing something hard or different than normal, its because you were not happy with whatever was going on. And you have made a choice to change. So instead of thinking about quitting or reverting back to what was making you unhappy, remember why you started in the first place.

This week I am really going to keep this in mind as I work to lose weight. #operationdefluff is really going to happen and when times get tough or I lose motivation or ALL THE FRIED FOODS look amazing, I will remember that I made this choice. I made this choice to be a happier and HEALTHIER self.

So this week remember, life is simple. :)