Monday, December 8, 2014

Motivational Monday #11

I will not lie, today came way too fast and I was not motivated AT.ALL. I even got dressed this morning for the gym and had my pre-workout ready to drink just to fall asleep in my chair before leaving the house. WTF? So today wasnt really a Motivational Monday but I still wanted to do a post. Why? Because it helps me really think about things that motivate me. It helps me put things into perspective and really gets my mind into gear.

With that being said, this quote really stuck out to me.

Funny Motivational Inspirational Typography Poster - Humourous Digital Art Print - Positivity - Positive Pants Wood Grain Teal Brown Gray

Even though it's not much today, it's something that you will think about the next time you put pants on :)

Until Next Time!