Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Whisker Wednesday #5

I've only made 5 of these posts? I feel like I have enough pictures for at least 50...ha!

So the last blog post talked about Bruce attacking us. That evil look in his ears as well as his mouth.

Wellll, I think we were able to take it down a notch by investing in a 5 foot cat tree. After looking in stores and realizing that they are EXTREMELY over priced, I decided to hit up Ebay. Granted I looked for a very long time before biting the bullet, I decided on this one:

We have placed it in our kitchen right by our patio door that overlooks the field behind our house. I can honestly say that anytime we can not find Bruce, he is sitting on one of the levels creeping on whatever is outside. He usually comes by us to warm up after sitting by the window for so long.

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Just being King of the Kitchen
Also, I believe has grown attached to Bill. Whenever Bill is around, Bruce loves cuddling with him! I'm sure he'll come back around to me soon enough ;) 

Other than that, hes our baby kitty--no matter how old he gets!

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