Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where The Heck Have I Been?

As a person that keeps promising to be better at blogging, I can officially say that I have not lived up to my promises (making indents on my couch while getting better just took priority :)). Since I have been saying that you may be wondering what the heck has been going on in my life. Well!

You may recall seeing this picture from my Instagram a couple of weeks ago:

I was sick and finally decided it was time to go to the doctor. Little did I know, that doctor was about to screw me over. After taking the penicillin for about a week, I was starting to feel like myself again. My energy levels were coming back, my nose/head was no longer stuffy and I was almost back at it in the gym. Then BAM. Out of nowhere my body decided to say--"ya know what, screw food and anything of the sort. I'm done breaking you down and you are no longer wanted in this body". So on Friday last week I started another round of not being able to process any food or liquids. After going through this in Mexico, I already had a feeling that I was going to get to a point where I wouldn't be hungry at all. Which is EXACTLY what happened.

This was super crappy timing as I was to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and some of my bridesmaids in Fargo. I went and it was a really great time and I'm so glad they were there, but I just wish I could have felt a lot better to really soak in the moments. So I got home on Saturday and was finally able to eat a little something. Then on Sunday, I just decided--to hell with it, I'm going to the doctor again. So I went to an actual hospital urgent care this time. Come to find out, after having food poisoning and being on 1500 mg of Penicillin/day, all the bacteria in my gastrointestinal tract had been killed off. Now I am still waiting on the test results of a strep culture, C-diff, and a parasite--Just to make sure I don't have any of those.

So back to how the first doctor (actually a PA) screwed me over. I told her about the food poisoning and she didn't say anything about it. She just gave me my penicillin and went about her way. As some of you may know, antibiotics kills bacteria. No matter their purpose, good or bad, antibiotics kill them. So after having food poisoning it is very vital to take probiotics afterwards. Never had food poisoning, so didn't know that. Also with antibiotics its recommended to take probiotics while you are on them to help with digestions. Didn't thing about it as I have been on plenty of antibiotics throughout my life and have NEVER had an issue. So due to this PA neglecting to do her job and talk to me about probiotics, I have felt like crap for almost a week again. **I don't go to doctors very often because I feel that my body can usually handle itself, not because I don't trust doctors ( little stubbornness too is at fault). I actually trust them very much which really makes me flabbergasted about this specific PA.**

Now it is Wednesday and my stuff head/nose is back and I still havent heard anything about the test results. I just cant.even anymore! So where am I off to now you ask? To call them and figure out what the heck is going on!

Send me positive thoughts and hope you all are having a great week!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whisker Wednesday + Project 365 in Mexico

Welcome to a different version of Whisker Wednesday!

First order of business: Whisker Wednesday

Bruce stayed home while we were in Mexico and has been loving on us and meowing non-stop since. We were grateful to have our family and friends check in and play fetch with him. I think he really enjoyed playing and getting to know new people. Since Bruce has many toys (yes, he is majorly spoiled!) I like to try and cycle them so old toys become exciting again. Due to this, we have come across a new favorite...the shoe tie. He LOVES that thing. Dragging a long string on the ground is strangely entertaining for both parties. :)

Now onto the second order of business: Mexico

As some of you may know I have been doing Project 365. Although due to being sick, I have been slacking. But I did take many pictures while in Mexico so I am going to do the rest of January right on here!

 Day 15: The to-do list that had to commence before leaving for Mexico

Day 16: On the plane, on our way to Mexico!

Day 17: Although cloudy, the site from our hotel was still lovely.

Day 18: Just the three of us :) Some dinner at the delicious Italian restaurant

Day 19: The once in a lifetime experience at the Black Hole. If you ever get the chance to do something like this, I definitely recommend it.

Day 20: The day at the sister resort. It was gorgeous and the bartenders we great!

Day 21: This was the day I became very sick so no pictures were taken. So here is a picture of our resort!

Day 22: While I was sick, these guys enjoyed every last drop of sun! So glad they were still able to have a good time.

So there you have it! If you would like to check out my other Project 365 pictures they are on my Facebook!

See you all Friday!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Motivational Monday #16

Holy crap, is it really February already? Where did January go??? I'm thinking that being in Mexico for a whole week and then being sick (and still suffering) probably doesn't help.

And that leads me to why I was gone all of last week. While in Mexico, I caught something that was just absolutely nasty. Not quite sure of what it was but it is still lingering, unfortunately. Between the extremely sore throat, wooziness, shortness of breath, and lack of appetite I haven't had much energy to do anything! But I'm back now and that's what matters!

So in order to get back into the swing of things, lets get onto Motivational Monday.

Although I wanted to really live up to this quote in Mexico, my body was just not having it. But since getting back, I have really thought about worrying less and living more. At times I find myself worrying about certain things and letting that 'cramp my style'. It is really hard to go with the flow when you don't know the outcome. That is my challenge for myself as well as for you this week. When you find yourself worrying about something and realize that it is too 'cramping your style', embrace it. Find ways to get your mind off of those things or better ways to think about them. Who knows what the outcome will be if you stop worrying by just a little bit.

*Come back on Wednesday for a special look at my project 365 while in Mexico...and the last couple of missed days--Darn sickness!*