Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Whisker Wednesday

I haven't done a Whisker Wednesday post in quite a while so I thought I would do one this week!

As the weather has gotten nicer, Bruce's meows have grown more frequent. He loves just sitting in front of the open door listening to the birds and smelling the fresh air. If that door isn't open, he loves to let you know that he'd like it to be.


 Any time you are by the door or I go outside to check on my Sugar Snap Peas, hes right there. I actually got him a leash that we can attach somewhere and he can roam for 25 ft. Fingers crossed that he gets used to that for summer!

Other than that, Bruce is doing great. He has lost a little bit of weight (his vet would like to hear that!) and its probably from running up and down the stairs. Any time Bill or I go upstairs, he is usually following right along with us (by following I mean turning it into a chase).

Here he is during play time:

This toy is just a ball going around in a circle, but when he hears that ball rolling around, he immediately comes over to see what you are doing. Even when he's completely zonked out. Such a weirdo ;) <-- but he's my weirdo :)

So I'll leave you with one more picture. If you follow me on Instagram (ash_beazley) then you may have already seen this picture for Project 365 but I like it so I'm going to post it again!

Hope you enjoy!

ps--the site may be getting a makeover this week...eeek! Check back on Friday to see what's going on!