Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites

Welcome back Friday! So glad you could make an appearance!

Today's favorite is going to be a movie. Weird right?! But Bill and I watched this movie this week and I work up the next morning with such motivation to make better choices. So I figured that I better share it with all of you!

The movie is: Fed Up
It recently came out on Netflix and I knew that I wanted to check it out. This movie is different than other documentaries (in my opinion) that have come out in the last couple of years. The other ones that I have watched talk about the horrors of animal welfare, the fast food industry and things like that. This one talks about changes that the food industry went through in 1977. It talks about sugar and the effects of it and it's similarities to cocaine. Scary, I know! They also talk about food addiction. 

Many people (including people in my own close circle) don't believe in it, but I whole heartily do. I have gone through times where all I crave is bad food and then I reward myself. I feel like sh*t afterwards but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that I got the food into my body.  That I get that little bit of release of eating that food. Once I start making better choices the urges quiet down and I don't crave that food as much or when I do eat it, I feel sick. It is a cycle of a battle but this documentary really opened up my mind.

Another favorite that I want to talk about today is my #khspringchallenge girls and trainer, Katy Hearn herself. I have lost motivation so many times and even though my nutrition hasn't been great, I have been killing it in the gym. These ladies give the energy I need to push through exercises that I have never heard of and become ungodly sore. So thank you ladies for posting your sweaty pictures, your motivation as well as your food. You motivate me more than you know!

Have an amazing weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Motivational Monday #28

Welcome back! Hope your weekend was great! We were up in Fargo celebrating a friend's graduation and getting some quality friend time in!

So here we go to Motivational Monday!!

Right off the bat, sorry about the language on this post but it is entirely necessary.

In my daily life, I work with domestic and sexual violence victims and survivors. That being said, I hear a lot from the women that they are told how they should look and how they should dress. Or that there is something wrong with them. Now in my line of work, we really try to help them get out of that mindset and empower them to realize that they deserve respect and they have the right to make their own decision.

Before working in this area, I never thought about certain things the way I do now. How media and our society pushes an unrealistic image onto us, makes us feel like crap for not eating the way we should or looking a way that we don't. I also never realized how much the media and our society has an influence on how we base ourselves. We feel bad if we choose something that benefits someone else but are expected to remain composed 100% of the time. How we may feel like we are on top of the world but then we see something, or try on something or hear something and it all changes.

Today's post is kind of a big F you to society and to others who maybe don't agree with what you decide to do with you life and your body.

Like I said, sorry for the language but it is entirely necessary. As you go about this week, do things for yourself without feeling bad. If you are okay with what you are doing, then who the hell cares. Your happiness is what is important, dont let society dictate that as well. 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

Holy crap. Does anyone else feel like this week just shot by?? Because I certainly do!

I felt this way last week as well! The time just keeps flying by!

So for this Friday Favorite I want to talk about something that I dont really talk about..And that would be my hair. Today I am going to talk to you about these curls...

Now since I have very fine hair (but a lot of it as the hair stylists say), my hair hates to do anything but be flat. Usually curling my hair and/or "poofing" it, it falls within 20 minutes. BUT I have found something that actually has allowed the curls to stay in and my hair to have a little bit of volume. What are they you ask? Well just keep scrolling!

The first item on the left is what makes the difference, seriously! It is called Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press. I found it at Ulta (after looking around for 20 minutes) and decided I should give it a try. Holy crap peeps. It keeps the curl in my hair for more than 20 minutes. And even that is a win in my book! I will curl my hair in the morning using either a curling iron or my NuMe curling wands and the curls are still there by the time that I get home 9 hours later! After curling my hair, I let the curls cool all the way and then I run my fingers through them. This really allows the curls to fall like the picture shows above. Then I use this hair spray to help the curls keep their shape. WARNING: this hair spray is sticky and will get all over the counters. So beware as you'll prolly have to wipe up after it. The last product that I use is the Bb Pret-a-Powder. This is a 3-in-1 product that really helps with oil as well as giving some volume to the hair. 

So there you go, you have a new hair style for this weekend! Have a great one!

Have you tried either one of these products before?

What are your weekend plans?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Motivational Monday #27

Welcome back from the weekend everyone! 

As the new week has started, there are times when we may find ourselves looking at social media posts thinking I wish I could live like that or I wish I could be that happy.

The truth CAN BE! You create your own happiness. And while things may be rough right now or you may feel just bogged down, the happiness is there. It may take a little time to figure out what that is but I promise, its there! Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. It's kind of why I started this blog. I wanted to start the weeks off by finding my own motivation and writing about it. I promise there are many times that keeping up with writing each week gets repetitive, but it really allows me to think and view each Monday a different way. For me right now, it is looking at this fitness challenge with motivation and excitement instead of dread. Allowing myself to enjoy the process!

So go out this week and find your happiness!

Where have you found happiness in times you didn't think it was there?

What makes you happy?

Monday, May 4, 2015

Motivational Monday #26

Helllooo again! So how was your weekend? Mine was great! Busy, but great! I got to celebrate with my future sister-in-law at her bachelorette party on Saturday night and then got to enjoy the Twins game on Sunday. Go Twins!

As a way to loose some weight, I have signed up for a Spring Challenge offered by KatyHearnFit. I follow her on Instagram and decided that it was finally time to get off my a** and get to it! This was a great way to get at it. She has sent me a workout plan as well as some suggested things to eat. I will be following a way of eating called If It Fits Your Macros also known as IIFYM. If you are unfamiliar about it, check it out here! I will be doing this challenge for 8 weeks.

Since I am starting that challenge today, here is my motivation:

The thing holding me back is me. Nothing else. It is up to me to do this, not anyone else. Yes, it may be hard and difficult at times but I will do it. 

Follow me on Instagram (ash_beazley) for more deets throughout the next 8 weeks! 

How was your weekend?

What is your motivation?