Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life Update

Holy moly! I can't believe that it is already May and how long it has been since I have posted!

So sorry to all you loyal followers ;) If you are new to this little corner of my world, welcome! If you are returning, welcome back! You may notice that my blog now looks completely different <-- Which I will get to soon!

So here is an update on the last 6ish months in my life!

Wedding and Married Life:

We got married on 10/24/2015 and it was almost perfect! At the end of the day, I married my best friend and that is what mattered. We danced the night away and probably stayed out too late, but it didn't matter. WE GOT MARRIED. The venue/vendors on the other hand, I swear were out to get on my nerves (I didn't really touch on that in the weekly updates leading up to the wedding, but may do an update on how I everything went with different venues and vendors).  After our wedding, we went to the amazing city of Puerto Vallarta where we enjoyed a heavenly week at Barcelo. If you'd like more information on the resort, you can see reviews and different pictures from other travelers here. After our honeymoon, we got back and enjoyed our time not planning for anything.

Buying a Home: 

In January, we started talking about looking into the house buying process. Since our lease was going to be up in May (or so we thought), we decided it could be a good time to start. We found a realtor through one of Bill's coworkers and jumped feet first. He suggested a financial guy where we got pre-approved and then started looking at houses on Thursdays and on the weekends. Let me tell you, after looking at 26 houses (before finding "the one"), they all kinda start looking alike. The ones that you really didn't like stick out but the mediocre ones just fade from memory. When we found "the one", it was on a Thursday. I think Bill knew right away that he loved this house but it took me a little more convincing. It didn't have the exact kitchen that I wanted and the rooms were kinda small....but we decided that this one was the best for the money and if we put some work into it then we could possibly increase the value of the house. This was an important factor that we talked about each time that we looked at a house. I have it on the list of blogs posts to do: Lessons Learned from First Time Home Buyers. Well fast forward-- we closed on the house on April 28th. Even though there were some bumps in the road, we got into the house the night of April 29th. Since we are not moving in for a couple of weekends and decided that we'd like to do some painting and whatnot before moving. The week before I went out and picked out some paint colors and on Saturday, April 30, we jumped right it. We are so fortunate to have great family and friends that helped us out. It probably doesn't help that we called it a painting party instead of just painting :) That day we were able to get almost the whole upstairs painted. There were only 4 walls left by the end of the day. We were also able to start on the basement. I say start because I the color that I picked out. So this Friday I will be going and getting a different color. I'm sure it is all going to work out, it will just take some time! I am planning on posting some before and afters on here once things get finished. Let me know if you'd like some other home posts! Now I finally have a chance to decorate and make the house, our HOME.

Adding a Fur Member:

After starting the house looking process, we found a rescue group (thanks Amy!) in Fridley called Happy Tails Rescue. The reason this rescue stood out to us is because all of the dogs are placed in foster homes before they are adopted out. They also have a Facebook group where the fosters post updates on the dogs and how they are adjusting. We were originally looking at one dog named Catalina, but due to her popularity, we knew that she just wasnt going to be the one. Once I started looking on their website though, I found a puppy named Jo that looked quite similar. She was a little more black but still had some brown and little spots of white. We submitted the application on a Thursday and met her the next Tuesday. The thing that I really liked is that I was able to contact the foster before hand to talk with her about her demeanor and her adjustment. I was also able to get some more background on her situation. After meeting her, we went home and talked about if we were ready to add another pet to our family. Ultimately we decided that we were going to do it (obviously) and we picked her up 3 days after meeting her. She was very timid but I can say that after almost 4 weeks, her true colors are starting to show! I'll share more about her story and how she has adjusted in an upcoming post!

Blog Update:

This part is pretty huge. I felt that I was never really happy with how it was looking. One day I was just browsing blogs and found one that I really liked, which eventually led me to Erin. She designs blogs for Blogger and I decided that it was time that I just did something about it. I contacted her and over about a month and a half, we came up with this! I really like it and I feel that it fits my personality much more than the other layouts that I had. Plus this was made by a person that actually understands a lot more than I do!

That is pretty much all for now! I will be posting more now that I feel better about my blog and have so many things to share!