Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

Welcome back to Thoughts for Thursday!

1. This week's weather has been gorgeous! I dont know what mother nature is saving up for but I have a feeling that soon it will be back to muggy and hot!

2. I am STILL exhausted from the last couple of weekends. Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how much you sleep or relax that you just cant seem to catch up? Because that is exactly how I feel. I slept almost 8 hours last night and I still feel pretty exhausted! Hopefully tomorrow I can get a good sleeping in sesh since I am off of work. Fingers crossed!

3. We are heading up to my parent's lake place for the long weekend and bringing Mya along. It should be an interesting trip since she has never been in water before, been on a boat or had that much freedom. My parents will be bringing their dog and my uncle will also be bringing their two dogs. Mya will be the biggest dog by far but I am hoping that she gets along with them. With this opportunity, we decided to invest in a "training collar" for Mya. I know there are controversial thougths about this so I am going to keep it short. We plan on using the vibrate to help Mya get to know boundaries. She is a pretty smart dog so I have a feeling that she will catch on pretty quick! The other test is going to be the drive up there. It is about a 5 hour drive from where we live to the lake spot. Mya seems to do well in car rides so we are thinking that she will be just fine!

4. I am planning on doing my long run tomorrow morning. And by long run I mean my 4 miles. My goal is again to get it under 12 minutes/mile. It is really not about speed for me right now. I will recap this week's runs and workouts next week in Wild Workout Wednesday so make sure to check back!

5. I received a coupon for Ulta in my email due to being a platinum perks member (dont judge me!) that is 20% off (almost) no exclusions. I have cut way back on buying makeup so I use these coupons as my way of stocking back up on things that I am running low on or things that I am going to need anyway. As of right now my list has: a foundation (or 2), eyeliner, shampoo, conditioner, clarasonic brush head..and I think that is it for right now. I end up spending some time in Ulta for these coupons since I know that I can always return items if I don't like them.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Phew. Last week was a rough one! It probably doesn't help that we were pretty focused on getting ready for our friends to come to town (which was totally worth it).

I managed to get in 3 runs last week. Two less than the program calls for but all but one morning I was able to get Mya out for a walk. Cross training is also part of the program and I consider walking with Mya to be a part of that. My program says that walking is something that runners overlook. So Even though I only ran 3 days last week I would say that I got 4 good days in.

My first run for the week was 2.09 miles. I ended up with a 10:47 pace. Although this seems slow, this seems to be a consistent pace for me and I am okay with it. Each time I run, I try and push a little more on the shorter runs and I hope to add in some sprints to help with speed as well.

My second run for the week was 2.3 miles. I was able to speed it up a little bit and get a 10:34 split. I really felt this run. As I was getting to the end, I convinced myself to just pick it up a little bit which resulted in the shorter splits. Both this run and the first one I ran around my neighborhood. There is a section of the block that is a mile and I use that as my gauge. I also use the app RunKeeper to keep details about my run as well. I'm not sure how I feel about this app yet so I am going to have to report back!

My long run was done on Saturday morning. As I mentioned here, I woke up pretty early to see that the temperature was already at 74*. I decided that I had to get out to run now or I would make an excuse as to why I shouldn't go. Well by the time I got out to run it was 76* with 81% humidity. It was HOT. I looked at my map and found a block that I thought might be around the 4 miles. I started running and I could feel the heat immediately. I was able to find a sidewalk that had shade on it, so I changed my plan a little bit and stayed on that until I hit about 2 miles. Then I turned around to head back to the house. I will say that it was a SLOW four miles. As I headed out and my phone notified me of the 5 minute mark, I knew that it was going to be slow and I made a goal to stay under 12 minutes for each mile....and I did it!  My splits were around 11:40. I did walk twice but I would say that it was about for 30 seconds total. Its a little hard to feel accomplished when you know you walked and it didn't change the split time at all....oh well. We are getting there!

Since I was exhausted I took Sunday and Monday off of running. Last night I was able to get in about a mile and half with Mya Bear. At first she seems to not like it, but then once she gets in her groove she takes off. She is getting better but I will say that she still slows me down a bit. I find that I have to pull her if there is anyone outside or any animals around (including birds and squirrels). Tonight I plan on running an easy 2.5-3 miles. We will see how much time I have tonight.

So thats its for this Workout Wednesday!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend in Review | Bug Bites and Sunshine

Seriously, how do weekends go by so fast?! I had half of Thursday and Friday - Sunday off and it just wasn't enough time!

Thursday -

I worked for half of the day and then started to prepare for some friends coming into town. I ran to the grocery store and then headed home to clean up our house. Don't get me wrong, there are still boxes and stuff everywhere but I cleaned up some straglers without a home. Our friends arrived around 5:30 pm. From there we enjoyed some drinks, some dinner and quite a few rounds of P and A. If you are unfamiliar with the game, it is a drinking card game. If I tried to explain it on here, you would be so confused! So I'll just say that we had a lot of fun and staying up until about 1 am laughing our butts off.

Friday -

I got up around 7 and decided to get my butt in gear. I headed out on my run and went for about 2.5 miles. It was already getting hot out and I could tell! It was a good 2.5 miles though. After that, we headed to Target, Duluth Trading Company and the mall. We were really just killing time until Bill got off of work and the rehearsal dinner. At 6 pm we headed to the rehearsal dinner. Dinner was a cook out and was really good! Then they went through the rehearsal. It was short and sweet. We stayed there for a little bit and then some of us headed to the local Applebees to hang out a little more. After that, we headed home for everyone to get ready for the big day.

Saturday -

I got up around 7 am and looked at the temperature on my phone. It was already 74* and 70% humidity. I decided to get up and get out to run before the temperature really shot up. I will recap my runs on Wednesday so check back to see how the 1st "long" one went! I'm glad that I went out when I did because not long after my run it was 88* (feels like 96*) with 77% humidity. After that a couple of us that were not in the wedding headed to a local bar and grill to have lunch and a drink. Then we headed home where I had to get Mya's stuff ready to head over to the sitter's house. We used a webite called to find her. I think I'm going to be doing a post on the experience just because not a lot of people have heard of this website before! After dropping off Mya, it was time to get ready and before you know it we were on our way to the wedding. Although it was hot, the clouds arrived just in time to shade the bridal party and the bride as they walked down the aisle. About an hour and a half after the ceremony, it poured rain. Which in all reality was good because it took the temperature down as well as a little bit of humidity. Even though the mosquitoes accomplished eating up my ankles, the wedding was gorgeous, the bride and groom were amazing and we all had a really great time!

Sunday -

Both Bill and I were exhausted after saying goodbye to our dear friends. We ended up taking a little nappie poo and then headed to the hotel where one of our cars was. After getting home, we watched some Game of Thrones (haven't watched finale yet so don't give any spoilers!) and Mr. Selfridge. Both are pretty good and you should get on the train if you aren't already! :)

And that was our exciting weekend! Here are some photos to wrap it up!


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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

1. We have some friends coming into town tonight and we cant wait to see them and catch up! The last time we saw them, it was our wedding. So that was 8 months ago...holy crap!

2. The reasoning they are coming into town: two of our good friends are getting married on Saturday. We all kinda met in college and one of my friends ended up dating one of Bill's good friends and here they are! It is going to be outside so the weather better hold up! We can't wait to see them start this new journey in life! :)

3. We may have found a couch for our upstairs living room (cue: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay). We went to a furniture store here in town and we found a brown one that we really liked. We dont like the color of the one on the floor but we do like the fabric and the feel of the couch. There is also an ottoman that has the same color scheme. We are thinking of ordering it in gray. Here is a sample picture of what it would look like:

This is the loveseat but it gives an idea of what the couch would look like. The light gray is soft and the darker charcoal is more of a pleather. It comes with 4 pillows but I would get rid of 2 of those pillows and try to find some other decorative ones that would pull in different colors in the house. It is so.soft. Its great! Haven't bought it yet, but we are like 98% sure! We also found some other things at Furniture Mart that would be a great addition to our home, so we may be buying more than just the couch and ottoman.

4. I have yet to go to the grocery store this week. Uggggh. I was able to scrounge up some things for dinner and we did take advantage of Papa Murphy's Tuesday deal of any large pizza for $10. BUT since we have friends coming into town this weekend, I guess I can fill my cupboards :)

That is all the randomness I have for today.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Workout Wednesday

I can honestly say that I have not stuck to the training schedule already this week...gah!

I did run 2.2 miles on Monday night which felt really good. I pushed at the end and could really feel it in my lungs. I also did not run with Mya so that was the first time actually running without stopping for various reasons.

I would really like to get a run in tonight but if I don't tonight, I have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get them in. I also might use one (or two) of the days to cross-train (aka take Mya for a good long walk) instead of running. The training program emphasized that walking is still really good for you and an important part of training.

I have also (almost) concluded that my new shoes are not for me. Every time I run in them my calves and my shins hurt so much. I can barely walk after I get home and do some stretching. My other shoes (affiliate link), which are Asics, are really comfortable. I have had two of the same type of shoes -- essentially newer versions of each other -- and I notice a huge difference. After I got done running on Monday, I could still walk and didn't feel like my legs were going to fall off. Thats always a good thing!

That is all I have for now.

Happy workouts!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tan Lines and Good Times | Weekend in Review

A day late, I KNOW I KNOW! I was very exhausted on Sunday and yesterday from all of the festivities!


Our Friday started out pretty well! Bill was up before I was (typical) and started packing all of our stuff up. I got up and we made sure that we had everything before driving to the in-laws house to drop off Mya. They agreed to watch her and even though we were all a little nervous, she did really well! Then we started our 3 hour drive up north to the festival. Well the top middle picture shows what we were driving into. We were pretty nervous and were on our phones looking at the radar. It was really dark! We were lucky and we just got some rain and a little bit of rain. Once we arrived, we did have a little hiccup at the gate. Luckily we were able to get it all straightened out and were on our way in. The weather was nice enough to stop raining for about 10 minutes so that we could set up our tent. Then it rained/poured for about 3 hours after that. Nothing like enjoying some cold cocktails to pass the time! The first night's line up was Chris Janson, Randy Houser and Dierks Bentley. They were all pretty good but I do have to say that Chris Janson really took the show. He put on a great concert. It's hard to believe that he doesnt have a label or anything and is doing his tour all by himself with his own crew. 


Saturday greeted us with some hazy skies but warming temperatures. Some of us headed to a breakfast buffet that they do. For $12 though, it was nothing to write home about. Everything was pretty bland but I did enjoy a couple of biscuits and gravy :) After breakfast some tried napping and me and another group member went on a walk. It was nice and relaxing. After that the day went by pretty fast. Between drinking, playing games, walking around and meeting up with folks, you don't have much time to keep an eye on the time. And we were on vacation, so we didn't really care anyway! Saturday's line up was Chris Hawkye (local musician, bottom left picture) Neil McCoy, Travis Tritt and Jake Owen (bottom middle picture). We ended up not going to the second or third concert but we were right outside the stage so we could hear them. I was super excited to see Travis Tritt but when I listened to him from where we were, I knew that we weren't missing anything. I am not a huge fan of musicians that change their songs a lot when they perform them live. I feel like they can loose audiences that way. Well thats exactly what he did and you could hear the strain in his voice, sigh. Oh well. Jake Owen was great! He put on a great show as well. 


Bill and I were up early, no thanks to a crummy air mattress that can't hold air. We decided that even though no one else was up that we would pack up and head out. Since it was also Father's Day we knew we had plans. And we had to pick up our Mya bear! After getting home and unpacking some (and a little nap) we headed over to Bill's parents house to say hi, celebrate a little and grab Mya. She was very excited to see us and seemed a bit wore out. Which was perfect for us since we were also exhausted! Once home, we unpacked a little bit, showered and headed to bed.

And that's about it to our weekend! I wanted to get more pictures but I ended up leaving my phone behind  most of the time so that I didn't lose it!

Also I know I didnt get to my haul last week, I am hoping to get to it this week but we have some friends coming into town for our other friend's wedding this weekend. So we are in full cleaning and unpacking mode...
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Workout Wednesday

So last night as I was laying in bed, I thought of this segment that I could do while training for my half marathon. Since training starts on Sunday, this is the perfect time to start! With these posts I will talk about how the training is going, how I am feeling about everything, what other workouts I am doing besides running and things like that. Any requests let me know!

If you remember, back in my Thoughts for Thursday post a couple of weeks ago I talked about running a Half Marathon. Well let me tell you about the actual half marathon that I signed up for. It is called the City of Lakes Half Marathon.

We will be running around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet. Now I have not been to either one of these lakes but judging by these pictures, its going to be a beautiful run!

Lake Calhoun

The program that I have decided to follow is the Hal Higdon Training Novice One Program. I have heard some pretty good things about it and it doesn't look too intimidating.

I hope that you can all see that pretty well! I like the options for the second day to run or to cross-train. The website goes into more detail on that. I am hoping to continue to life major muscle groups on those cross-training days. Don't want to loose that much strength! I also think that keeping up with the strength training will help with endurance for the race.

I also decided to get some new running shoes. I talked about that a little bit here. I decided on the Brooks Ghost 8.

Now these shoes are not bright like all of my other shoes :D but these are pretty comfortable. There is quite a but of padding in them and fit my foot pretty well. I ordered them straight from the Brooks website because they had the same price as other places PLUS they have a 90 day guarantee. Essentially if you don't like the shoes within 90 days, they will refund your money. They are big on wanting you to run happy. They also had free 2 day shipping. I ordered them on Monday and had them by Wednesday. 

Yesterday I went on my first run in them. My calves were on fire but I don't know if that's because of the shoe or just because. I have been running about the first mile with Mya and then dropping her off and continuing. Last night I did not though because of the fire in my calves. I also didn't want to push myself too hard in new shoes for the fear of injuring myself since I am so used to my other worn down shoes. 

So there you have it! A little look into the beginning of half marathon training! I start on Sunday (technically I am supposed to start on Tuesday) so next week I will recap the first couple of days of training!

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hair and Humidity | Weekend in Review

Welcome back, Monday. Even though today is Monday, I am super excited due to this weekend being Moondance Jammin Country. We have been going to this country music festival for quite a few years and its great to just sit around, hang out with friends (have some cocktails) and go to some concerts. This festival is a little smaller than most, but it is still good ol' time!

Last weekend was a hot and humid one, to say the lease. Just walking outside, you could feel the heaviness in the air. Mya didn't seem to care one bit and wanted to be outside. Silly dog. Bill left early Thursday morning for a camping trip with his family so it was just me and the animals this weekend!


I decided it was time to touch up my roots and cut my hair. After doing about a day of research, I found a salon. I decided to just go ahead and try it. The review on Google were pretty good, which is what made me want to go ahead and go there. To make a long story short, I was not happy with it. I also told her that I wasn't happy with it. I even showed her pictures and I thought I explained everything pretty well, but I guess not. Then she said that I could come back on Monday and she would put some more of the color I wanted in my hair. I considered this but after seeing the price tag of what she did, I decided -- no. I am going to be leaving a review on them as well because I just feel like she didn't listen at all. Also the end of the appointment was rushed and I felt like she was just trying to get me done. I even asked for some curls and she said "oh no I'm sorry I already have other people waiting". Like come on, it is not my fault you overbooked yourself. Gah. Anyway after that I ran some errands and then went home. Since it was so hot (about 90 degrees with 85% humidity), I took out our little kiddie pool and filled it with water. And of course I didn't take any photos of her playing in it. It was pretty adorable. After that I decided to try out a dog park. With it being so hot I had a feeling that no one would be there.. and I was right. There were a couple of other dogs there but she did really well. After some walking around we headed home, ate some dinner and watched Pitch Perfect 2. So good.


My friend, Amy, and I had plans to hang out that day and let our dogs run around with each other. She got to the house and we headed out for a dog expo that was going on at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I was worried because I knew a lot of dogs would be there and since we were taking Mya, it could get hectic. To my surprise, she was great. She met all the other dogs with a wagging tail and ended up trying to play with a couple there. We got some free dog treats and she got lots of pets. After that we headed back home to drop the dogs off and head to get some lunch. We went to Green Mill and I had an awesome coconut chicken salad with a margarita. Saturday was about 93 degrees with 90% humidity. It was a heavy day to say the least. So we went back to my house and set up the pool again for the dogs. They seemed to really enjoy it and each other. The night led to grilling some dinner, some pool playing and talking and laughing. Her and I could go on for hours just talking about different things in life. Its great when you have those friends that each of you have your own way of thinking but you respect the other's point of view as well. Good night overall.



The humidity finally left and we were able to open up the windows. The breeze that was going through the house was super nice. I would have to say that having windows open and feeling the fresh air come through the house is one of my favorites. Mya had a de-shedding appointment at Petsmart so after dropping her off for that I ran some more errands and then went home. She was done after about 2 hours and I went back and got her. They said that she was very well behaved and that most puppies don't act like her at all. Here she is enjoying the breeze and nice weather after her grooming sesh.

We got home, I ate some lunch and then got into an unpacking mode. Those are far and few in-between but they are really nice when the come! So I was able to get some good amount of organizing done. Also was able to throw away more stuff. After that Bill was home and we were surprisingly invited over the the neighbors house for some dinner. He loves to smoke meat and cook bbq and we liked all of it! After that we got ready for bed and thats about it.

An exciting week as I mentioned before since this weekend is Moondance. We will be leaving Friday morning and coming home Sunday. So we will be doing that and Mya will be at Bill's parents house.

Check in later this week for a haul of different things that I picked up this last weekend running errands (ps - it includes this amazing pillow).

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday | The Best Way to Finish Something Unpleasant is to Start

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Yesterday as my legs were cramping and my lungs were burning, I heard this. It could not have been at a more perfect time. Not that I view running as unpleasant, but not a lot of people I know like the feeling of being sweaty and breathing heavy.

Things that we do in our life can become unpleasant at any time. Take making dinner, specifically. While I do love cooking, the process of getting there is just a hassle. Trying to figure what to make, how long it is going to take, if its going to taste good or not, what spices/broths to use. It can all get overwhelming. BUT once I start pulling some things out and start a little concoction, I get a little excited. Excited to see if it is actually going to be good, wondering what it is going to make the house smell like...I'd say that the smell is usually my favorite part. Anyone else feel the same way?? Please tell me I'm not crazy!

Today's Thursday for Thought is really just a reflection on different things in our life that we may look at as unpleasant but we do them anyway. So I am going to share those with you and hopefully you get some inspiration to do the same!

  • Running - why oh why do I see it as unpleasant. Well I kinda touched on it above, but it makes me sweaty, I cant breathe, when I get done I feel like my legs are on fire. Although I will say that since I have signed up for the half marathon, I am starting to look forward to running. I am no longer worried about how much I can lift at the gym or how much weight I am loosing but instead focusing on how far and fast I can run. I feel so accomplished when I get done and I run farther than I ran the previous time.
  • Putting Clothes Away - This little task just seems to creep up on me. Like one second everything is in its spot and all clean, then BAM everything is out again! In all honesty though, this is the best way for me to actually see what I wear. Now I have a lot of clothes, there is no doubt about it. But I would say that I wear about 70% of them on a regular basis. The other 35% is clothes that I want to fit into again or am just waiting for the "right moment" to wear them. Ha how ridiculous does that sound!
  • Cleaning - This task also seems to creep up on me. I will say though, that after seeing how dirty the previous person that lived in our house had it, it makes me want to clean even more. And don't get me wrong, once everything is clean and I can relax that's when I feel accomplished. BUT the process of actually doing it and where to start is the daunting part. Once I get some music on though and get in the groove, WATCH OUT HOUSE!

  • Washing my face - Does anyone else hate washing their face? No just me...ok. Growing up I had pretty good skin with the exception of my forehead. She broke out like a mofo. Since then though, I seem to have pretty good luck with my skin. I usually use a form of these wipes. They seem to really get my leftover make up off. I also really enjoy First Aid Beauty. Little more expensive, but worth it in my opinion. 

So there you have it! Some unpleasant tasks that I just have to start to finish!

Does this saying remind you of any unpleasant tasks that you just have to start to finish??

Monday, June 6, 2016

Housework and Unpacking | Weekend in Review

I cant even. The weekends go by so fast but I can tell you that I enjoy having a 3 day weekend every weekend :)

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We were planning on going camping with some friends but that ended up being a bust since it was supposed to rain all weekend. So we improvised with some house work. Thursday night I decided I would tackle the weeds that I sprayed last week (talked about it here). We had a lot of itch weed as well as some dandelions running amuck. Here is a couple of before (and after now) pictures:


You can't REALLY tell from the photos but there was A LOT of weeds. I guess when you actually put them side by side though it really makes a difference. I started at 8ish and went until the sun went down. Then I went back and picked it all up so make sure that it didn't replant itself or anything (if that's even possible). So now I have 4 bags full of weeds. I will edit with an after picture tonight...can't find one on my phone! grrr!

EDIT: the photos have been uploaded!

Friday I went to the gym and busted out 30 minutes on the treadmill at a faster than normal pace. I know that running outside and on a treadmill are different but I felt that if I went with the gym I would push myself a little further. And honestly, I did. I went for 30 minutes (2.78 miles) at an average of 11 mph. Not fast but that is not the point. I am not looking for speed at this point (and probably wont any time soon). Just the fact I ran that much made me proud of myself. After the gym, I went and ran some errands. Sports Authority is going out of business and there is one not too far from my gym so I decided to check it out. Turns out the discounts are not that great and the staff was no where to be seen. so I left empty handed. Before heading home, I decided to check out Dick's Sporting Goods to get some expertise on running shoes. The ones I have I've had for over 2 years and the backs are wore down. I just don't know if they have 12+ miles per week left in them. The sales associate there was pretty knowledgeable and I got some good recommendations. After research and talking with him, have pretty much chosen the Brooks Ghost 8.

Saturday we tackled quite a bit of the house. I was able to continue unpacking the kitchen stuff. I actually think I have all of it unpacked with the exception to some small items. We also found a pool table off of craigslist that we pulled the trigger on. We also hired a company to move it. And by we I mean Bill. He takes all the credit on this one, EXCEPT for finding it! I went on one random day last week, saw it and he immediately liked it and started researching it. From talking with the guy that delivered it and put it together, it sounds like we got a great deal. Will be inserting a picture of it tonight!

Edit: Here it is! Bonus Bruce appearance :)


The light was actually left by the previous owner which almost made it seem like the area was made for a pool table. We also got some "spectator" chairs for a good price as well. We got them for $50 for the pair and our install guy said he sells them for $249/chair. #winning I can't wait to actually learn how to play and hopefully beat Bill one of these times ;)

I was also able to get some more tiles inserted into the cabinets. I will be doing a post on this so here is just a little snapshot:

You can see the tiles here. But tune in soon to see how I actually do it!

Sunday was a good day. It was super nice outside so I was able to get in a 3 mile run. I actually took Mya for the first mile and she loved it. I feel like she did better running than she does with walks. She kept up with me and only kinda sorta tripped me once. After the mile I dropped her off since it was her first time running. Dogs need to build up their training just like we do so I hope to get her out more this week! She zonked out for about 4 hours after the run.   

I am going to go ahead and blame credit my run to my awesome pants I got at Dicks. AND I got them on sale :) They were awesome because I didnt have to pull them up once. Usually I have to do that with most workout capris I have. I normally dont spend $30 on workout pants but these were worth in my opinion. Then I did some meal planning and some grocery shopping. After that I headed to Bill's parents house where him and his dad are getting ready to head up to Northern Minnesota to do a little portaging and camping. We ate dinner there and then headed back home to get ready for the week!

So there is a little recap of our weekend. Make sure to check back later for the pictures that I promised!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday


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1. This week has gone by so fast! Probably since I only work 3 days this week (hooray for working 4 10s!). I could have worked 4 8 hour shifts and not taken any vacation but instead I decided on 2 hours of vacation and a 3 day work week. Sounds marvelous, right?!

2. I sprayed our yard for weeds on Monday and as we left for a family bbq later that night, I couldn't help but let out an evil laugh at the withering plants weeds. Does that make me horrible? No? Good! This morning when I looked at them, a lot of them are pretty much dead. There is also some weeds in the grass (not 100% sure on the kind) that have kinda shriveled up. My plan is to pull most of the weeds so that they don't miraculously come back.

3. We were going to go camping this weekend with a couple of friend but the forecast is not looking good. While today is nice, the next 3 days forecasts rain pretty much all day. And I don't know who likes to camp in that. Not me! So we may have to postpone the trip to sometime later in the summer. On a good note, most of our friends are out of town/busy this weekend so that gives us some quality time to unpack more damn boxes! They are never ending, I swear!

4. After months of asking and me saying no my good friend, Rachel, twisted my arm convinced me into running a 1/2 marathon. I know what you are 13.1 miles...HAHAHAHAHA. Believe me, I thought it to. I actually still think about it when I am out running. I haven't started training yet but once I do, I will recap my weeks, how I feel and how everything is going on here. What better way to remember than sharing it on the good old blog. Official training starts on June 19th but I am running now to get my body ready. They say that you start seeing results once you start pushing past your comfort zone. Do they say that? I sure hope they say that...

That's it for now!

Obligatory puppy photo: