Monday, June 13, 2016

Hair and Humidity | Weekend in Review

Welcome back, Monday. Even though today is Monday, I am super excited due to this weekend being Moondance Jammin Country. We have been going to this country music festival for quite a few years and its great to just sit around, hang out with friends (have some cocktails) and go to some concerts. This festival is a little smaller than most, but it is still good ol' time!

Last weekend was a hot and humid one, to say the lease. Just walking outside, you could feel the heaviness in the air. Mya didn't seem to care one bit and wanted to be outside. Silly dog. Bill left early Thursday morning for a camping trip with his family so it was just me and the animals this weekend!


I decided it was time to touch up my roots and cut my hair. After doing about a day of research, I found a salon. I decided to just go ahead and try it. The review on Google were pretty good, which is what made me want to go ahead and go there. To make a long story short, I was not happy with it. I also told her that I wasn't happy with it. I even showed her pictures and I thought I explained everything pretty well, but I guess not. Then she said that I could come back on Monday and she would put some more of the color I wanted in my hair. I considered this but after seeing the price tag of what she did, I decided -- no. I am going to be leaving a review on them as well because I just feel like she didn't listen at all. Also the end of the appointment was rushed and I felt like she was just trying to get me done. I even asked for some curls and she said "oh no I'm sorry I already have other people waiting". Like come on, it is not my fault you overbooked yourself. Gah. Anyway after that I ran some errands and then went home. Since it was so hot (about 90 degrees with 85% humidity), I took out our little kiddie pool and filled it with water. And of course I didn't take any photos of her playing in it. It was pretty adorable. After that I decided to try out a dog park. With it being so hot I had a feeling that no one would be there.. and I was right. There were a couple of other dogs there but she did really well. After some walking around we headed home, ate some dinner and watched Pitch Perfect 2. So good.


My friend, Amy, and I had plans to hang out that day and let our dogs run around with each other. She got to the house and we headed out for a dog expo that was going on at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I was worried because I knew a lot of dogs would be there and since we were taking Mya, it could get hectic. To my surprise, she was great. She met all the other dogs with a wagging tail and ended up trying to play with a couple there. We got some free dog treats and she got lots of pets. After that we headed back home to drop the dogs off and head to get some lunch. We went to Green Mill and I had an awesome coconut chicken salad with a margarita. Saturday was about 93 degrees with 90% humidity. It was a heavy day to say the least. So we went back to my house and set up the pool again for the dogs. They seemed to really enjoy it and each other. The night led to grilling some dinner, some pool playing and talking and laughing. Her and I could go on for hours just talking about different things in life. Its great when you have those friends that each of you have your own way of thinking but you respect the other's point of view as well. Good night overall.



The humidity finally left and we were able to open up the windows. The breeze that was going through the house was super nice. I would have to say that having windows open and feeling the fresh air come through the house is one of my favorites. Mya had a de-shedding appointment at Petsmart so after dropping her off for that I ran some more errands and then went home. She was done after about 2 hours and I went back and got her. They said that she was very well behaved and that most puppies don't act like her at all. Here she is enjoying the breeze and nice weather after her grooming sesh.

We got home, I ate some lunch and then got into an unpacking mode. Those are far and few in-between but they are really nice when the come! So I was able to get some good amount of organizing done. Also was able to throw away more stuff. After that Bill was home and we were surprisingly invited over the the neighbors house for some dinner. He loves to smoke meat and cook bbq and we liked all of it! After that we got ready for bed and thats about it.

An exciting week as I mentioned before since this weekend is Moondance. We will be leaving Friday morning and coming home Sunday. So we will be doing that and Mya will be at Bill's parents house.

Check in later this week for a haul of different things that I picked up this last weekend running errands (ps - it includes this amazing pillow).

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