Monday, June 6, 2016

Housework and Unpacking | Weekend in Review

I cant even. The weekends go by so fast but I can tell you that I enjoy having a 3 day weekend every weekend :)

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We were planning on going camping with some friends but that ended up being a bust since it was supposed to rain all weekend. So we improvised with some house work. Thursday night I decided I would tackle the weeds that I sprayed last week (talked about it here). We had a lot of itch weed as well as some dandelions running amuck. Here is a couple of before (and after now) pictures:


You can't REALLY tell from the photos but there was A LOT of weeds. I guess when you actually put them side by side though it really makes a difference. I started at 8ish and went until the sun went down. Then I went back and picked it all up so make sure that it didn't replant itself or anything (if that's even possible). So now I have 4 bags full of weeds. I will edit with an after picture tonight...can't find one on my phone! grrr!

EDIT: the photos have been uploaded!

Friday I went to the gym and busted out 30 minutes on the treadmill at a faster than normal pace. I know that running outside and on a treadmill are different but I felt that if I went with the gym I would push myself a little further. And honestly, I did. I went for 30 minutes (2.78 miles) at an average of 11 mph. Not fast but that is not the point. I am not looking for speed at this point (and probably wont any time soon). Just the fact I ran that much made me proud of myself. After the gym, I went and ran some errands. Sports Authority is going out of business and there is one not too far from my gym so I decided to check it out. Turns out the discounts are not that great and the staff was no where to be seen. so I left empty handed. Before heading home, I decided to check out Dick's Sporting Goods to get some expertise on running shoes. The ones I have I've had for over 2 years and the backs are wore down. I just don't know if they have 12+ miles per week left in them. The sales associate there was pretty knowledgeable and I got some good recommendations. After research and talking with him, have pretty much chosen the Brooks Ghost 8.

Saturday we tackled quite a bit of the house. I was able to continue unpacking the kitchen stuff. I actually think I have all of it unpacked with the exception to some small items. We also found a pool table off of craigslist that we pulled the trigger on. We also hired a company to move it. And by we I mean Bill. He takes all the credit on this one, EXCEPT for finding it! I went on one random day last week, saw it and he immediately liked it and started researching it. From talking with the guy that delivered it and put it together, it sounds like we got a great deal. Will be inserting a picture of it tonight!

Edit: Here it is! Bonus Bruce appearance :)


The light was actually left by the previous owner which almost made it seem like the area was made for a pool table. We also got some "spectator" chairs for a good price as well. We got them for $50 for the pair and our install guy said he sells them for $249/chair. #winning I can't wait to actually learn how to play and hopefully beat Bill one of these times ;)

I was also able to get some more tiles inserted into the cabinets. I will be doing a post on this so here is just a little snapshot:

You can see the tiles here. But tune in soon to see how I actually do it!

Sunday was a good day. It was super nice outside so I was able to get in a 3 mile run. I actually took Mya for the first mile and she loved it. I feel like she did better running than she does with walks. She kept up with me and only kinda sorta tripped me once. After the mile I dropped her off since it was her first time running. Dogs need to build up their training just like we do so I hope to get her out more this week! She zonked out for about 4 hours after the run.   

I am going to go ahead and blame credit my run to my awesome pants I got at Dicks. AND I got them on sale :) They were awesome because I didnt have to pull them up once. Usually I have to do that with most workout capris I have. I normally dont spend $30 on workout pants but these were worth in my opinion. Then I did some meal planning and some grocery shopping. After that I headed to Bill's parents house where him and his dad are getting ready to head up to Northern Minnesota to do a little portaging and camping. We ate dinner there and then headed back home to get ready for the week!

So there is a little recap of our weekend. Make sure to check back later for the pictures that I promised!