Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday


Linking up again with Kristen, Annie and let's go!

1. This week has gone by so fast! Probably since I only work 3 days this week (hooray for working 4 10s!). I could have worked 4 8 hour shifts and not taken any vacation but instead I decided on 2 hours of vacation and a 3 day work week. Sounds marvelous, right?!

2. I sprayed our yard for weeds on Monday and as we left for a family bbq later that night, I couldn't help but let out an evil laugh at the withering plants weeds. Does that make me horrible? No? Good! This morning when I looked at them, a lot of them are pretty much dead. There is also some weeds in the grass (not 100% sure on the kind) that have kinda shriveled up. My plan is to pull most of the weeds so that they don't miraculously come back.

3. We were going to go camping this weekend with a couple of friend but the forecast is not looking good. While today is nice, the next 3 days forecasts rain pretty much all day. And I don't know who likes to camp in that. Not me! So we may have to postpone the trip to sometime later in the summer. On a good note, most of our friends are out of town/busy this weekend so that gives us some quality time to unpack more damn boxes! They are never ending, I swear!

4. After months of asking and me saying no my good friend, Rachel, twisted my arm convinced me into running a 1/2 marathon. I know what you are 13.1 miles...HAHAHAHAHA. Believe me, I thought it to. I actually still think about it when I am out running. I haven't started training yet but once I do, I will recap my weeks, how I feel and how everything is going on here. What better way to remember than sharing it on the good old blog. Official training starts on June 19th but I am running now to get my body ready. They say that you start seeing results once you start pushing past your comfort zone. Do they say that? I sure hope they say that...

That's it for now!

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