Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

1. I have been exhausted all week, I better not be getting sick. Or I might just punch something. I have felt this way for about a month now. I am thinking that I need to re-evalute my eating habits and vitamin taking. Since I don't drink milk or orange juice or eat any oranges, I'm thinking some Vitamin C would do my body good. Good thing I got some airborne lingering in the house!

2. Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is a Farmer's Market that sets up shop down the road from my work. Although it is not very big and consists of mainly vegetables, it forces my butt out of my office for some fresh air. Deanna over at The Live Fit Girls had a really great post on Farmer's Market Tips. Go check it out! Recently, I have been buying our veggies there. So far I have bought potatoes (both red and multi colored fingerlings), sweet white and red onions and green beans. Last night I made some of the fingerlings and green beans. They were really good! They also have some amazing flowers. Here are some pictures I took yesterday:


Aren't they just gorgeous?! I bought some for a friend's bachelorette party a couple of weekends ago and they lasted the whole weekend AND they started opening up more. They are also only $6 for the bunch and some of the stands give you quite a big bouquet. At a store they would be at least $20!

3. This weekend we are headed up to Fargo for a wedding of a dear friend. We are staying at a hotel and are looking forward to not having to do anything for the wedding. It has been quite some time since both of us have been able to just go to a wedding :) We will also be using again for Mya. We are using the same person we did last time and will be dropping her off bright and early on tomorrow morning. Then we will be heading up to Fargo and stopping at some of our favorite spots on the way. I'll share more on Monday.

4. Which leads me to MONDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Yay! We don't have anything too crazy planned. We will probably hit up our favorite eating spots ( + some others) in Fargo this weekend and on Monday we are going out for dinner with Bill's parents. So on Monday I will be doing a little bit of a weekend recap plus a look back at year 25. I will either be doing that on Monday or Tuesday. Not quite sure yet. Don't want to have the posts being to lengthy around here!

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Your turn:

Any Farmer's Market tips?

Any good weekend plans?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday! Let's just jump right into the summary of my runs for the last week!

First run: My first run of the week was on Wednesday. Due to the heat and humidity, I decided to say hello to my old friend, the treadmill. I am not a fan of running on them just because I feel that I can get bored or tire myself out by trying to match my pace with the people around me (anyone else do this??). Surprisingly, I pr'd on my 3 mile run. 10:13 is probably the fastest pace I have had in...forever. I was going to try for 3.2 miles but after running faster than normal, I was beat after those 3 miles. I was SOAKED with sweat once I left. Even though the gym has air conditioning, the humidity still lingers. I was also able to lift some iron. I haven't done that in so long and boy can I tell. My strength isn't what it used to be BUT I am loving the definition I am seeing in my legs. I lifted some biceps and back. Leaving the gym, I felt like a total ba. It was awesome.

Second run: This day was hot as well but I ran around a specific block by my house that equals this distance. It is really nice to know the distances around the blocks. There have been multiple times where I think I have the right distance layed out to realize that I have to run around a block again to get there. I don't like doing that! I was planning on doing my long run this day but since it was already really hot out, I could feel myself getting really hot. I also couldn't quite cool down like normal. I took this as a sign to STOP pushing myself and calm the hell down. Once I got home I drank some ice cold water and did some stretching. It took me quite a while to stop sweating but eventually I felt better.

Third run: Due to a late night and some drinking, I didn't get up on Saturday until about 10am. I actually didn't feel too bad though. I decided that I would see how the run felt before determining if I was going to do my long run or not. It was warm out but the sky was overcast and there was a breeze. Perfect day for a long run...right?! Mother nature seriously laughed in my face. As I turned around to go back home, I noticed a front of weather right behind me. It looked pretty gloomy so I picked up the pace a little bit just in case it started to sprinkle. Boy, did it sprinkle. HARD.

About 3 minutes after the front rolled past me, it started to pour. And as you can see from the photo above, it was heavy. I had to run about a half of a mile to get to this tunnel. I was soaked. My shoes squished and my pants were glued to my body. I was going to try and run back to the house but after some lightening and thunder, I decided to have Bill come and pick me up. It would have been almost another mile back to the house and with the sheets of rain coming down, I chose the high road of stopping. 11:22 is a little slower for me but that included multiple stops due to the rain. I also failed at finding the linking trails behind my house. I am determined to find those damn things!!

Fourth run: Now this one is not listed because I don't really consider it a run. I left the house and started out walking and then it transitioned to a run for about 1.5 miles. This was late at night and after dinner. I really just didn't have anything in my tank.

Moral of the story, I didn't get my long run in last week. While I am really bummed about that, this week's long run was supposed to be a legit 5k race. Since there are none around right now (and I didn't really want to spend money on one), I will be doing my long run as well as some speed work.

Check in next week to see how Week 7 of training goes and if I found those trails!!

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend in Review | Stranger Things and Laziness

Monday...already?! You know what that means. Time for Weekend in Review!

This post is going to be short and sweet since not a whole lot happened this weekend (and I was very bad at taking any pictures to document).

Thursday -

We had Bill's sister and her husband over for some dinner and drinks. Bill's sister had yet to see the house and we found this to be the perfect way to show them around. We ate some tacos and enjoyed some cocktails.

Friday - I headed out in the early morning to get my run out of the way. Then I went and ran some errands. A new Gordmans opened up VERY close to our house, so I obviously had to go check it out. If you don't know what Gordmans is or have never heard of it, it is like a HomeGoods and/or TJ Maxx on steroids. They have everything from Makeup to shoes to kids toys to bedding. Its like a one stop shop. They dont sell groceries though...After running errands, I prepped some ribs for dinner. I will definitely have to take some good pictures and write down everything next time because they turned out pretty awesome! Our friends, Toby and Emily, came over for dinner and we played some pool. Toby and I DOMINATED (Bill and Emily don't see it that way, but we did). We won best out of 7. It was great.

Saturday - Now since we stayed up pretty late Friday night, I ended up sleeping in on Saturday. No regrets, whatsoever. Then I decided to head out on my long run. Well I will recap it on Wednesday but I will just say that I had to cut it short and be picked up...Grr. Then we were lazy and watched quite a few episodes of Stranger Things.

If you haven't heard about this show yet, I'm sure you will within the next couple of weeks. It is a Netflix series of a boy who goes missing. It's a more supernatural show but the actors are all really good and the story line keeps you guessing. Here is a trailer for it if you haven't seen it yet!


Later that evening, we headed to a friend's house to celebrate his 30th birthday. It was a really good time! 

Sunday - Bill and I headed to Wild Bill's for lunch before tackling some projects for the day. Little did we know that our project would be derailed as the sale that we were going to take advantage of actually ended on Saturday. And we just couldn't justify paying full price. So now we will be keeping an eye out for shelving on sale so that we can create our storage room! After that, we decided that watching some more episodes of Stranger Things was the best idea. We finished the series right before dinner...#sorrynotsorry Then we ate some dinner and headed to bed not too long after that. 

I remember back in the day when partying two nights in a row was no big deal. Not anymore people. It is exhausting! 

So there you have it! Not a super eventful weekend but fun none the less! Next weekend we are heading up to Fargo for a wedding!

Come back on Wednesday to hear how the half marathon training is going!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

1. I have been debating going back and forth between buying a domain for this little old blog of mine. After doing some research, if I want to grow and have more control this is one of two things that I could do. The other would be to switch to self hosting instead of doing Blogger, which is currently what I have. Now I am no expert in html or coding or anything like that, so this scares the sh*t out of me! A couple of months ago I had someone design this good old template of mine and dont get me wrong, I love it but there are some things that I wish I could have a little more control over or learn how to change. So long story short, I want to move forward but I hate change and I'm scared. Any advice on how either one of these things went for you, that would be great! :)

2. This weekend is the second weekend IN A ROW that we don't have much planned. On Saturday night we have friends birthday bash, but that's it! We recently found some shelving on sale at Menards for $.99 so I think we are going to get some of them and put them up in our storage room. That way we can actually start putting stuff down there where it has a specific spot instead of ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Our guest bedroom right now if FULL of my clothing (sorry Bill) so my plan is to work on all of that as well as get the other spare room ipstairs organized. I am using that as my "wardrobe" room I guess you could call it. Really its just so that I can get ready on my early mornings without disturbing Bill too much.

3. We have taken Mya to the dog park 4 times since last Friday and I think she really enjoys it. At first she was not really into it at all but now when we go, she starts whining as soon as we pull up. Now don't get me wrong, she still has her reservations on some dogs but gets along with most of them. On Tuesday night I took her since I knew that it was going to be near 100* this week (with the heat index) and she lasted for about 30 minutes. After a couple of bigger dogs ( a doberman and two rottweilers) showed up, she kinda just quit playing with other dogs and sat under my feet. Which is a good sign since when we first got her, she would just attack other dogs. She also looks to me for some reassurance if she doesn't really know what to do. For example, there was a 9 week old English Bulldog in the big dog area and she wasn't really sure if she could play with him or not. She quick looked at me and waited for me to say it was okay. Then we went ahead and started to gently play with him. So sweet.

after the dog park happiness
4. Kind of a side part to #4, Mya has a sister that was also adopted by someone here in the cities. We have talked a few times on Facebook and this week we decided that we are going to meet up and have them play! We haven't established a day or time yet but I am really looking forward to seeing her and seeing if they remember each other. It will also be nice to talk with the owner to see if they are progressing the same way. If you are new and want to know more about Mya's past, check out the blog post I did here!

Thanks for looking through my Thoughts for Thursday!

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Questions for you:

Any advice on buying a domain name and/or switching to self hosting??

Have any exciting plans for the weekend?

Dog parks. Good or bad for your dog?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!

Week 5 of Half Marathon training has started. Time is just moving so fast!

Today I decided to go with a different type of format so that the workouts will be broken down better and a little easier to read. Let me know what you think!

First of all, how is it that I only got in 3 runs last week?!?! I feel like I am missing one...

Annnyways. I got in three runs last week.


First run: I met up with the culprit who got me to sign up for this my friend Rachel to get in a run. We were able to get in about 2 miles. Weird things happened though between our apps. I use RunKeeper and she was using a Nike app. Now our distances were pretty similar but for some reason the paces were quite a bit off from each other. I think hers said that we ran 10:20ish per mile and mine said 9:47 per mile. We just decided to pretty much average it out and call it a day ha. We ran on Summit Ave in St. Paul and it was a really nice run. It was also a pretty fast run...and we were talking the whole time!

Second run: This was SUPPOSED to be my long run of 5 miles. As you can see, I did not meet that goal at all. We have some trails by our house that supposidly go all around Blaine but I just cant seem to find the connecting path from by my house to the rest of them (smh). So I decided to drive about 5 minutes from my house and run around that area. Thinking that since my first run of the week was good running somewhere new, this would be too. WELLLL it wasn't. My head just wasn't in the game. I felt super hot and just couldn't cool down and it wasn't even that hot outside! As I was running I felt that I was at about 4.35 miles, my phone came on and said 4.00 miles. I was DONE. I stopped running and felt so defeated. I walked back to my car and decided that I would try again on Sunday and that time I would get my 5 miles.

Third run: Even though Bill had no faith that I would actually get my run in, I headed out at about 7:45pm after a day full of food and activities. We had already eaten dinner but I waited about and hour and took off. This time I decided that I was going to find that connecting path and take it 2.5 miles and turn around. Well I still didn't find it and ended up running through some nice neighborhoods. Although I was running on a pretty full stomach, the run was nice. The sun was already setting and was hiding behind trees making the run pretty shady. I ended up running .04 miles less than my first 5 mile run but ended up running a little bit faster.

I was able to stay under the 12 min/mile mark and keep it under an hour again! I really wanted to keep it under 11 but I have to make sure to take it easy to prevent injury. I remember multiple times during this run to tell myself that I could slow down because 12/mile was still a good pace. Ultimately my competitiveness kicked in and said, NO WAY JOSE! 

I have not run this week yet (boo) but will be running tonight. I have a feeling this week's runs are going to be at the gym since the heat index is close/over 100 for the next couple of days. And who wants to run in that? Not this girl! This week we rev it up to 6 miles for the long run. I am nervous but at the same time excited. The feeling of accomplishment when you hit your goal is amazing!

In other exciting news, two friends and I decided to enter into the lottery for the Twin Cities 10 mile run in October. Here is some more information if you have never heard of this race. Long story short, you enter as an individual or a group, they close the sign up and a couple of days later you are notified if you are selected to run. If you are not selected two years in a row, the third year you are guaranteed to have a spot. WELL we signed up as a team - Purrfectly Paced, waited and got notified yesterday that we were selected!! 

So on October 9, 2016 we will be running from Minneapolis to St. Paul and finish just in time to see one of our friends finish running the marathon! I recently came across this blog post: What do you consider when choosing a race? By Hungry Runner Girl and it really made me think about the next race that I wanted to sign up for. Low and behold I found this one and it kinda hit the nail on the head. A little spendy but the swag? Awesome to say the least. I think I am actually looking forward to that one more than the Half Marathon (shhhh don't tell Rachel!). 

That's it for now!

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend in Review | Failure and Accomplishment

Welcome to Weekend in Review. Here I recap the weekends and some of the things that we did!

Phew, what a weekend! We were able to have a weekend with little to no plans, which is always nice after busy weekends.

Friday -

I *attempted* my long run on Friday, but failed :( More about this on Wednesday! After working out, I went back home and had some lunch with Bill. Then I headed to the dog park with Mya. There is a new one that just opened up a couple of miles from our house which I found when looking for a place to run on Friday! So I decided to take her there to socialize her a little bit more. We were there for about 45 minutes and she seemed pretty worn out by the end. I think she likes going because there are so many smells and its not too overwhelming yet. There were only a couple of dogs so it wasn't too crazy. After that, I showered and got ready for my friend, Leah's, bridal shower. It was held at a local vfw and her future sister in law did a great job at hosting! After the shower, some of us ladies headed out to downtown Anoka. As we were sitting at the bar, we noticed a lot of people gathering across the street. Turns out the were playing Pokemon go....(eye roll). Now Bill hates on me for this but I have no problem with people playing. What I have an issue with is when people get hit by cars or fall off cliffs (like what?), and then blame it on the game. Like come on man! Ugh.

Saturday -

Saturday was really a day of nothing ha! I did take Mya to the same dog park again. I really enjoy being able to just watch her play with other dogs. Seeing her happy makes me one happy momma! Here is a picture from after the dog park:

She looks super small here but I had just woken her up from her slumber. Her neck is wet from other dogs slobbering all over her (gross...). That night we decided to be productive/get out of the house and headed down to our friend's house in South Minneapolis. After a couple of drinks, we decided to head out to a local place and get some food. 


Nighthawks Diner and Bar was the place that we decided on. The food was a little expensive but it was really good! One of the best burgers that I have ever had! So juicy :) After that we headed home for some (more) r and r.

Sunday -

Usually Sunday's are the unproductive days for us but I would say that it was anything but! I started the morning by starting to put together one of the tv stands we ordered from Wayfair.We headed out to have brunch with a couple of our friends. No pictures but we went to a place called Hazels Northeast. Good food but some small portions. AND my omelet was filled with mushrooms. I ended up eating most of them but would have liked the omelet a little bit more without them in there. After we got back home, I tackled the rest of the tv stand while Bill mowed the grass. I only took pictures on snapchat so here is the first one after it was finished:

Bamard tv stand

Since our colors are pretty cool toned and the couch will be grey, we went with a black tv stand for upstairs. It has two drawers as you can see in the front. Its went together pretty easy but it definitely took some time! Here is the specific one that we ordered from Wayfair.

For the downstairs, we went with an oak finish for the Sauder Regency Stand. Even though this one was bigger and heavier, it was actually a little easier to put together. The instructions were better actually so that helped. After finishing those up, we ate some dinner, used our Shark for the first time on our floors (made a huge difference btw) and I headed out for a run while Bill took Mya to the dog park again. Then I headed to bed after feeling quite accomplished for a Sunday!

After a couple of months, it actually feels like we are starting to get things in their place. Don't get me wrong, there is still a lot of stuff everywhere but slowly and surely they are finding their way.

ps: I promise once things find their place, I will update you all on some before and afters!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!

I can't believe I am on Week 4 of my Half Marathon training already! I feel like the weeks are just flying by. If you are new and don't know what I am talking about, check it out here!

So here we go!


This week I was also able to get in 4 runs. With the heat and humidity this week, I went a little bit slower with my times and didn't push too hard.

First run (bottom left) - I wash pushing for 2 miles this night but got pretty exhausted after the 1.66 miles so I decided to call it a night. I ran around my neighborhood to the trails behind my house. It was a nice little run.

Second run (top left) - this run felt pretty good. This is a block route around my house that I have started to run. I have realized though, that one way is almost all uphill and one route is a little more of downhill. Depending on how I feel that day determines which way I go ha. This day I decided to go the more uphill way. I guess I wanted to give my calves a good workout!

Third run & long run (bottom right) - This was the long run for the week. Even though my runs during the week are a little shorter than the program recommends, I hit the long runs with 100%. I will say though that this run was tough. I dont know if it was because I had 2 pieces of toast instead of 1 before the run or if my mind was just full of different things that I had to do that morning. Either way, I finished it. I did walk twice though.

Here are my actual splits from the long run. As you can see I started pretty strong and then my 2nd and 3rd mile were a little tough. Oofta! This is where I walked. Then I got my head in the game, stepped it up and pushed through. Even though I said this is the last Workout Wednesday post, this is the furthest that I have ran voluntarily. I never really thought I would get to a point where I feel pretty accomplished after a run. But I will say that the feeling of my tracker telling me that I was at 5.05 @ 56 minutes was amazing. My goal the whole time was to keep my miles under 12 minutes/mile overall and keep it under an hour. I came close but I accomplished it. This week's run is also 5 miles and I plan on using the same goal but also trying to beat my previous run by just a little bit.

Fourth run (top right) - Even though I was at a bachelorette party, I decided that I had to run on Saturday. Just to really round off the week. I wanted to go for just an easy 2 miles. Luckily I had a friend that also wanted to join in with me so we headed out around 8 am and knocked them out (thanks Danica!). A little slower than normal but not too shabby after a night of drinking :)

Sunday and Monday are kinda my recharge days. I feel like I always need them to do nothing since my weekends are so busy. The next couple of weekends for us are a little more free so we are pumped for that!

Tonight I have my first run with the culprit who convinced me to join this crazy task in the first place! We are going to run about 2 miles. Maybe more or less depending on how we feel  ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

Welcome back to another Thoughts for Thursday!

1. I was unable to do a Weekend in Review post, so I thought I would just share how my weekend went on here! We headed up to my parent's lake place on Friday afternoon with Mya in hand. We stopped in Fargo for some dinner. We ended up stopping at one of my favorite places, Moe's Southwest Grill. There isnt one down here in the cities and I think it is better than all of the other burrito places out there (Chipotle, Qdoba, etc). We got to my parent's place before dark and were able to set up our stuff in no time. Saturday morning, I got up and went for a run. You can read about my run here! Then it was a day of games, eating, boating and (trying to) fish. The fish seemed not hungry so we decided to pack up and go back to the house. We made some dinner and then headed out on the lake for some fireworks. It was a pretty good show. Not the best that I have ever seen but good none the less. Here are some pictures of the place as well as some fireworks!


On Sunday, we headed out on the boat for some (not so good) fishing and sun soaking. We headed back, ate some dinner and played some bags. 


On Monday, we headed home and unpacked the car. then did some relaxing and watching of The Americans <-- highly suggest this show. It's really good!

2. This week was a 3 day week for me (due to the holiday) so it has gone by super fast! These weeks are nice but sometimes things at work can pile up fast due to not being in the office as much.

3. This weekend I am headed up North for a bachelorette party of one of my favorite people, Leah! Her and her fiance were in our wedding and they are getting married in August. We are so excited for them!

Leah and I on my wedding day.
4. I have officially become obsessed with the Chobani Flips. My favorite kind is the Almond Coco Loco. The bits of chocolate and almonds almost make me feel like I am eating dessert :) If you haven't tried them yet, I highly suggest it! I have tried the Almond Coco Loco, the Coffee Break Bliss and the Peachy Pistachio (sounds weird but is surprisingly good).

That's it for now. Off to finish off my work week and start the weekend with a long run (followed by food and drinks) tomorrow!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday where I recap the workouts/training I have been doing for the last week!

This is what my training was supposed to look like:

This is what my training actually looked like:

Last week I was able to get in 4 runs.


Lets start with the first one (bottom right): I took Mya out for a little run because she just seemed to be a little restless. As you can see, she slows me down quite a bit but I knew that she needed to get out. I was okay with this as running with her tests me mentally as well as physically.

My second run was Wednesday (top right). I went out with the idea of running 2.5-3 miles and I accomplished that! As you can tell from the picture, I am able to run some loops around my neighborhood to get those miles in. The run was a little difficult with the warm weather and I could definitely feel the humidity and its affect on my running.

The third run was supposed to be on Saturday but since we were going to be going camping, I knew that I needed to switch the schedule around. I was able to actually get 4 miles (and a little over to boot)! I got up around 8 and saw that the temp and humidity were pretty low. I was actually ready to go for the run, I started out on a big loop around our house but as I got towards our house, I realized that it wasn't going to be enough so I just kept going. Is it weird to say that I actually enjoyed the run?! I felt good pretty much the entire time and kept my goal of getting each mile under 12 minutes/mile. I actually did way better than that and kept each one under 11 minutes/mile. I felt really good about it and only stopped for about 10 seconds to cross the street. This week's run is stepping up to 5 miles so we shall see how that goes...

The Saturday morning run was done out at my parent's lake place. This was my view:

I took out from my parents place and headed out on the dirt road. I ran this until the main road and then turned around. It may not seem like a lot but I will say that my miles/hour reflect some of the hills that I was faced with. I think my app said that my pace was 9:45 on the way to the road, which was pretty much all downhill. But then slowed way down on the way back since I was running up some steep hills. I would say that I would could this run as a hills workout since I haven't done any type of run like this before. I could also feel it in my shins and calves a lot more than normal. So I am going to say that this was a good run as well! And I got it all done before breakfast so that I could spend the rest of the time with my family. 

Once thing that I have found since I started this training is that I run better in the morning, on an empty stomach. I don't know if this because I feel refreshed or what, but as you can see from my two morning runs (Friday and Saturday) I run faster. It probably also has to deal with coming home from working 10 hours and running is the last thing that I want to do. I have noticed that my mental state also has a huge impact. I have been keeping notes on different things that have gone through my head and I hope to share that at the end of training!

Well that's it for now!

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