Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend in Review | Failure and Accomplishment

Welcome to Weekend in Review. Here I recap the weekends and some of the things that we did!

Phew, what a weekend! We were able to have a weekend with little to no plans, which is always nice after busy weekends.

Friday -

I *attempted* my long run on Friday, but failed :( More about this on Wednesday! After working out, I went back home and had some lunch with Bill. Then I headed to the dog park with Mya. There is a new one that just opened up a couple of miles from our house which I found when looking for a place to run on Friday! So I decided to take her there to socialize her a little bit more. We were there for about 45 minutes and she seemed pretty worn out by the end. I think she likes going because there are so many smells and its not too overwhelming yet. There were only a couple of dogs so it wasn't too crazy. After that, I showered and got ready for my friend, Leah's, bridal shower. It was held at a local vfw and her future sister in law did a great job at hosting! After the shower, some of us ladies headed out to downtown Anoka. As we were sitting at the bar, we noticed a lot of people gathering across the street. Turns out the were playing Pokemon go....(eye roll). Now Bill hates on me for this but I have no problem with people playing. What I have an issue with is when people get hit by cars or fall off cliffs (like what?), and then blame it on the game. Like come on man! Ugh.

Saturday -

Saturday was really a day of nothing ha! I did take Mya to the same dog park again. I really enjoy being able to just watch her play with other dogs. Seeing her happy makes me one happy momma! Here is a picture from after the dog park:

She looks super small here but I had just woken her up from her slumber. Her neck is wet from other dogs slobbering all over her (gross...). That night we decided to be productive/get out of the house and headed down to our friend's house in South Minneapolis. After a couple of drinks, we decided to head out to a local place and get some food. 


Nighthawks Diner and Bar was the place that we decided on. The food was a little expensive but it was really good! One of the best burgers that I have ever had! So juicy :) After that we headed home for some (more) r and r.

Sunday -

Usually Sunday's are the unproductive days for us but I would say that it was anything but! I started the morning by starting to put together one of the tv stands we ordered from Wayfair.We headed out to have brunch with a couple of our friends. No pictures but we went to a place called Hazels Northeast. Good food but some small portions. AND my omelet was filled with mushrooms. I ended up eating most of them but would have liked the omelet a little bit more without them in there. After we got back home, I tackled the rest of the tv stand while Bill mowed the grass. I only took pictures on snapchat so here is the first one after it was finished:

Bamard tv stand

Since our colors are pretty cool toned and the couch will be grey, we went with a black tv stand for upstairs. It has two drawers as you can see in the front. Its went together pretty easy but it definitely took some time! Here is the specific one that we ordered from Wayfair.

For the downstairs, we went with an oak finish for the Sauder Regency Stand. Even though this one was bigger and heavier, it was actually a little easier to put together. The instructions were better actually so that helped. After finishing those up, we ate some dinner, used our Shark for the first time on our floors (made a huge difference btw) and I headed out for a run while Bill took Mya to the dog park again. Then I headed to bed after feeling quite accomplished for a Sunday!

After a couple of months, it actually feels like we are starting to get things in their place. Don't get me wrong, there is still a lot of stuff everywhere but slowly and surely they are finding their way.

ps: I promise once things find their place, I will update you all on some before and afters!

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