Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!

I can't believe I am on Week 4 of my Half Marathon training already! I feel like the weeks are just flying by. If you are new and don't know what I am talking about, check it out here!

So here we go!


This week I was also able to get in 4 runs. With the heat and humidity this week, I went a little bit slower with my times and didn't push too hard.

First run (bottom left) - I wash pushing for 2 miles this night but got pretty exhausted after the 1.66 miles so I decided to call it a night. I ran around my neighborhood to the trails behind my house. It was a nice little run.

Second run (top left) - this run felt pretty good. This is a block route around my house that I have started to run. I have realized though, that one way is almost all uphill and one route is a little more of downhill. Depending on how I feel that day determines which way I go ha. This day I decided to go the more uphill way. I guess I wanted to give my calves a good workout!

Third run & long run (bottom right) - This was the long run for the week. Even though my runs during the week are a little shorter than the program recommends, I hit the long runs with 100%. I will say though that this run was tough. I dont know if it was because I had 2 pieces of toast instead of 1 before the run or if my mind was just full of different things that I had to do that morning. Either way, I finished it. I did walk twice though.

Here are my actual splits from the long run. As you can see I started pretty strong and then my 2nd and 3rd mile were a little tough. Oofta! This is where I walked. Then I got my head in the game, stepped it up and pushed through. Even though I said this is the last Workout Wednesday post, this is the furthest that I have ran voluntarily. I never really thought I would get to a point where I feel pretty accomplished after a run. But I will say that the feeling of my tracker telling me that I was at 5.05 @ 56 minutes was amazing. My goal the whole time was to keep my miles under 12 minutes/mile overall and keep it under an hour. I came close but I accomplished it. This week's run is also 5 miles and I plan on using the same goal but also trying to beat my previous run by just a little bit.

Fourth run (top right) - Even though I was at a bachelorette party, I decided that I had to run on Saturday. Just to really round off the week. I wanted to go for just an easy 2 miles. Luckily I had a friend that also wanted to join in with me so we headed out around 8 am and knocked them out (thanks Danica!). A little slower than normal but not too shabby after a night of drinking :)

Sunday and Monday are kinda my recharge days. I feel like I always need them to do nothing since my weekends are so busy. The next couple of weekends for us are a little more free so we are pumped for that!

Tonight I have my first run with the culprit who convinced me to join this crazy task in the first place! We are going to run about 2 miles. Maybe more or less depending on how we feel  ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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