Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend in Review | It's Gonna be May

Holy, its May 1st already?! I swear we were just celebrating Christmas. I guess that means I should probably put my Winter decorations away....(we'll see about that). You have probably already seen this meme but I'll just put in here in case you haven't...

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I started out by heading into the office for some overtime. We are heading out on a vacation soon so I wanted to go in to get some stuff done so I am not overwhelmed before I leave. I only did about 3 hours and then headed out to meet up with the Husband for some lunch. After lunch, Bill headed home to get ready for a bachelor party and I headed to the DMV to get my tabs for my car. I only had to wait about 20 minutes and it was significantly cheaper this year compared to last year. WAHOO! I took Mya to the groomer and Bill took off shorty after that. He was about an hour away so it was just me and the animals all weekend!

Look at that happy girl! I watched a couple movies with some pizza and wine. It was a very relaxing evening to myself!


I got up a little earlier than normal due to the animals chasing each other (ugh). But it was okay since my friend Amy and I had plans to hang out. I also received my Boxycharm box. I used to get this box every month awhile back but stopped. I decided to hop back on the wagon. It is a box full of deluxe/full size products. It is normally skin care and/or makeup. I have been seeing some unboxing videos on Youtube and Boxycharm has been hitting it out of the park. Here is what I got in my box:

I tried the Hairgurt already but haven't had a chance to try the others really. The Hairgurt was really nice and left my hair super soft. It also lathers. I don't know if it is just me or what but I seriously feel a difference if the shampoo lathers. 

Now back to the plan for the day.The plan was initially for her to come to my house and for us to chill but the plan changed. She lives about 50 minutes from us and since she has two dogs, I thought it would be great for a play date for Mya. My friend recently got a new puppy so I thought it was a great idea for them all to meet! 

Here is all 3 of them waiting outside after going potty. Mya is on the right and her two dogs, Hoss and Nahla, are on the left. I headed out to their place at about 1ish and they played pretty much all night while we enjoyed some adult cocktails. 


I headed home after sleeping in super late. I guess that's what happens when you stay up until 3 am and sleep in a pitch dark room ha! Once I got home, it was a lazy day for sure! We have been watching MTV's The Challenge and somehow got sucked into some older seasons. I can't believe they are on the 29th season. It's crazy!

that's really it for our weekend! This week we are heading on vacation for 6 days. I will have more details in a later post but it's kinda a surprise soooo there you have it! Hope you had an awesome week and you started out May on the right foot!

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